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ASUS is multinational hardware, robotics, and Electronics Corporation headquartered in Taipei in Taiwan’s beautiful country. All the ASUS products can be from graphics cards, motherboards (motherboards), multimedia products, optical devices, laptops, and peripherals.

Besides, this Corporation also produces desktop netbooks, tablets, smart mobile phones, monitors, network equipment, among many other things.

ASUS Company also stands out as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufacturer that produces the necessary components that other companies need.

ASUS was projected in 2015 as the fourth largest computer supplier in the world and appeared in the “BusinessWeek” rankings. Its shares have an incredible primary listing on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (ticker code 2357) and a secondary listing on the London Stock Exchange (code ASKD).

The main competencies that ASUS has in the market are Apple, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, Razer, MSI, and many others. The name of the company “ASUS” comes from the last four letters of “Pegasus” (the horse that had wings from Greek mythology).

This was interpreted as a symbol of learning, inspiration, and art. ASUS wants to embody his spirit, strength, and purity in the face of this majestic creature from Greek mythology.

Over the years, ASUS has been a company that has provided a wide variety of product launches that have the best quality and innovation over the years since its creation and appearance in the technology market.

ASUS has introduced a wide variety of totally original products and tools that have helped people compliment their other products. ASUS tools facilitate or enhance the different experiences a customer can have with the use of their motherboards.

Asus vs Lenovo Laptop For Gaming – Which is Best Brand and Why?

A Chinese multinational company is known worldwide under its abbreviated “Lenovo” (Lenovo Group, Ltd). This Chinese technology company is headquartered in Beijing, China, and its foundation dates back to 1984. Lenovo is in charge of designing, manufacturing, developing, and selling many electronic products for all parts of the world.

Electronic products include Personal computers (desktops and laptops), PDAs, smart cell phones, tablets, servers, workstations, and software.

Besides, Lenovo is also responsible for selling electronic storage devices, smart TVs (world famous), netbooks, computer scanners, and printers. Headsets, memory, and hands-free are also other of the wide variety of products that Lenovo offers to all technology consumers worldwide.

Lenovo also provides all the people of the world with the best information technology integration and support services. As if that weren’t enough, the Lenovo Company also offers important internet access through the special portal. Lenovo’s market consists of commercial lines of all special business laptops, such as Yoga, ThinkPad, ThinkBook, Legion, and IdeaPad.

In November 2017, Lenovo acquired Fujitsu’s computer business for more than $ 150 million. Lenovo is a giant company with operations in more than 60 countries worldwide and sells each of its products in approximately 160 countries on all continents. Lenovo’s research centers are located in Yamato, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, and other major cities in the Asian giant.

Two leading brands in the manufacture of technological products:

Everyone should keep in mind that each of the brands (both Lenovo and ASUS) is a very important brand in the technology market. Despite manufacturing a wide variety of software, products, and tools, there is a debate at the consumer level on specific issues. One of these issues is that people want to know which is the best branding that makes gaming laptops and why.

All those who wish to acquire or buy a laptop should know that it is a very important step to take, and they have to provide all the necessary precautions. Thus, they must inform themselves in the best appropriate way about all the notebooks on Lenovo and ASUS brands’ market.

Although getting information about so many laptops can become a very difficult task; however, through different web pages, they can get the necessary information.

Laptops have become extremely important for all those who want to play different video games on them. These laptops make it easier for professional video game players or just people who spend leisure time playing their favorite games.

Although both brands have an excellent reputation worldwide, there has always been a controversy between people: Asus vs. Lenovo Laptop.

Who Would be the Winner Between Asus vs. Lenovo Laptop?

Asus VS Lenovo Laptop

It is a very complicated question that all the people who observe many new laptops on the market of both brands can be asked. Without a doubt, Lenovo and ASUS are the leading producers of new gaming laptops today. Many experts have even suggested that both companies are currently making the best gaming and office laptops.

Before choosing a laptop between these two wonderful brands, all people must know the different characteristics and compare them. Although there is an Asus vs. Lenovo Laptop, both brands are respected by all their customers worldwide.

Each of the other brands that make notebooks want to be as successful and respected as Lenovo and ASUS have in the technology market.

Comparing each of the different laptops that the two brands have available on the market will help resolve the Asus vs. Lenovo Laptop discussion.

Besides, it will help people delve deeper into some of the specific models that companies offer. Inquiry and research make it possible for people to get all the necessary information to help them make the right decision before buying the wrong equipment.

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Design, Build and Size

Everyone should keep in mind that both brands have only one concern despite the constant debate between Asus vs. Lenovo Laptop. This concern gives the same uniqueness and freshness necessary in each of its different designs launched on the market.

Lenovo is a company that offers all its consumers a wide variety of laptop designs that can be available in almost any color.

On the other hand, the ASUS Company does not lose any aspect since it uses any material in laptops’ production. Also, each of the different laptop designs that ASUS produces is different from each other.

Lenovo was one of the first brands that introduced the super light and comfortable laptops that fold in a very standard way. There is a very important difference between the two brands: ASUS is a company that uses premium materials for each of its laptops.

On the other hand, Lenovo does not compete against ASUS in these designs, so that laptops can be more expensive.

When it comes to laptop backlog, Asus vs. Lenovo Laptop is currently doing a great job for all of their consumers. Both brands are respected by the people when designing the hardware that is placed on different laptops.

However, Lenovo offers people a wide variety of various functions that are already built into notebooks.

The functions of the Lenovo Company notebooks can help improve the performance of the device. The ASUS Company’s gaming laptops allow their users to have greater experience in video games.

Performance Type

Users respect all the different laptops that the Lenovo and ASUS brands have on the great performance market. Most of all, the laptops manufactured and produced by both brands can easily and easily handle games in recent years.

Games have to do with multitasking and executions; both brands have developed quality products that help all players in their performance.

Performance is a remarkable indicator of how strong each laptop can be. Both brands offer a variety of laptop models so that gamers can have first-class premium games. For example, the ASUS Rog Strix G531GT-BQ012 provides good enough performance for every gamer to enjoy 1080p resolutions.

Lenovo company laptops can offer people 30 times more performance than normal. The aforementioned is possible because these laptops allow an expansion of the memories; therefore, the performance is much better.


People must have a gaming laptop containing sufficient RAM to carry out their different video games.

Insufficient RAM can mark the future of the notebook when it comes to upgrades. The standard RAM is 8 GB if a laptop will be used. If it is of less GB, it can cause performance problems in the long term.

Most of the gaming laptops that Lenovo has available are fully compatible with all RAM’s posterior extensions. The Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH05 has a powerful 8 GB RAM at 2933 MHz frequency that easily fulfills gaming tasks. All the RAMs of the Lenovo company laptops are accompanied by 1000 GB storage.

On the other hand, the ASUS Company is characterized by having laptops with a much higher RAM than the standard. The ASUS Rog Strix G531GT-BQ012 is a laptop with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM integrated along with a high-performance 512 GB SSD.

As well as this laptop model, there are many more that the ASUS company offers and provides greater ease of playability in all video games.

The 16 GB of RAM offered by ASUS laptops ensures that computers have a much longer and more useful life.

Besides, they avoid all the micro jerks that can occur in developing any video game running with only 8 GB of RAM. The battle of Asus vs. Lenovo Laptop, this time, is led by ASUS (although Lenovo is gradually implementing laptops with 16 GB of RAM).

Price Quality

For the reason that ASUS is a lesser-known brand than Lenovo, it is possible people can get much cheaper laptops from this brand. ASUS cannot afford to raise its laptops’ prices if it has a more recognized and greater competition such as Lenovo. For this reason, in price, a laptop from ASUS is much cheaper than one from Lenovo.

If people focus on the different specifications of both brands’ laptops, they will see that quality is almost similar.

Although ASUS has laptops at a lower price and all the components, resemble those of a Lenovo company’s laptop. Lenovo is a company that offers its gaming laptops at a much more expensive price for simply being a prestigious brand and leader in the market.

ASUS is a company that has focused on the beginning of the manufacture of each of the components of gaming laptops. The aforementioned makes each of these companies’ laptops much more reliable than the competition (Lenovo).

An ASUS gaming laptop’s price will always be justified in terms of quality components; however, Lenovo’s are not.

Warranty and Durability

Lenovo has been a brand that has received various criticisms regarding the durability of each of the gaming laptops. According to surveys, many consumers had to take a Lenovo laptop for repair, demonstrating low durability.

One of the constant problems was the battery; however, an ASUS notebook has a great advantage over this problem.

An ASUS laptop offers everyone a specific warranty on the laptop’s battery. The ASUS Company enjoys a reputation based on the strength of each of its products and the extended warranties that cover all models. Besides, they cover some damages related to problems or accidents that come from a non-brand virus.

Even though Lenovo is a recognized brand worldwide and enjoys a privileged position in the market, its laptops are not very durable.

However, with an ASUS laptop, everyone can rest easy on each product’s durability and warranty. There is no other brand that cares about its users like ASUS; So, if a person wants a product that lasts or is repaired at no cost, ASUS is the right choice.

Keyboard and Screen

Between the battle of Asus vs. Lenovo Laptop, without a doubt, it is the Lenovo company that takes victory in the manufacture of the best keyboards for gaming laptops.

Lenovo chose the right choice for all those looking for keyboard comfort and didn’t know which laptop to choose between ASUS or Lenovo. It is proven that this company has available on the market the best laptops that have an excellent keyboard.

The keyboards of Lenovo company notebooks are famous for their incredible water resistance and pleasant touch feeling. They feature a more widely spaced layout and much rounder keys that give people the comfort of all their fingers when sliding.

Although the ASUS Company’s laptops’ keyboards are not all bad, they do not have and do not have the quality that a Lenovo gaming laptop offers.

A Lenovo gaming laptop screen allows them to rotate around 360 degrees and varies depending on the laptop’s model. Most Lenovo laptop screens measure 15.6 inches and are full HD with a resolution of 1920×1080. Some of these screens can also be much smaller in inches and be tactile and handled like smartphones.

An ASUS gaming laptop has some very interesting improvements when it comes to panel level and connectivity features. The laptop screens have HD resolutions (1080p) with average quality IPS panels. Some models of ASUS laptops have screens larger than 17 inches and HD 4K resolution.

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