Best Camping Air Mattress For Couples 2020 Reviews

Best Camping Air Mattress For Couples

You are one travel and doing an adventure that sounds good but what happened when you get tired. You need something where you lay down and take the rest. The Best Camping Air Mattress is a good option especially when you are a couple. Today, we give you a camping air mattress reviews which is best rated for this year. The affordable air mattress is the need of everyone.

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Going to the countryside is an activity that has gained popularity in recent decades, and as the urbanization grows and the urban hustle overwhelms hundreds of people, spend a weekend in contact with nature or go on vacation to a more rural place, has become of the most common.

Best Camping Air Mattress For Couples 2020 Comparison Table

Product NameRatingsLatest Price
Lightspeed 2-Person4/5
Air Comfort Mattress4.4/5
Alps Mountaineering4.5/5
Coleman Mattress5/5

However, our bodies accustomed to the comfort of civilization need some concessions to enjoy these days to the fullest, and a cushion of air is, without a doubt, one of them.

The Best Camping Air Mattress ensure that you are well rested during a trip, so you can explore and walk to the fullest while enjoying the natural and that is something that cannot be achieved with a backache.

It’s impossible for most people to sleep on the hard ground, cave-style. Although there are intrepid exceptions that live and enjoy this experience, people, and especially those who have left behind their younger years, prefer the comfort of a good mattress and thus avoid muscle and joint pains. The best affordable camping air mattress we consider in our list.

Now The Question is!

What Is The Best Camping Mattress For Couples?

Best Camping Air Mattress For CouplesMost people, who camp, do it with their family or their partner. In these circumstances, in which in addition to sleeping outdoors, you should share the space with someone else, Best Camping Air Mattress can make a difference.

These may be responsible for a peaceful awakening, enjoying the sound of the natural, or the reason why both spend their days of camping exhausted.

Are you looking for the best budget air mattress for camping?

The market for air mattresses is varied and abundant, and it may seem simple to choose. However, at this point, the question is: What is the brand that I should select if I camp as a couple?

The characteristics of an excellent mattress, in order of consideration, should be comfort, durability, space, and price. Sometimes it happens that, for example, there are mattresses on the market that can last a very long time but are in turn a little uncomfortable. In other cases, they may be comfortable but not accessible enough. You can use the best air mattress for camping with dogs as well. Read product reviews here.

Although it may seem incredible, there are brands of air mattresses that can be as comfortable as a bed of their own; and although the level of well-being is not exactly taken into account when you’re only out of town one weekend, an excellent air mattress can be added to the camping arsenal of couples, companions, and family.

Best Camping Air Mattress Brands 2020

Having reached this point, it is necessary to know about the best brands of air mattress for camping in the market and pick the right one for yourself.

1) SoundAsleep Air Mattress

The favorite and favorite of campers and families is the SoundAsleep Dream Series brand. Its compactness, portability, and lightness are the characteristics that most value those who acquire one of their products; and this, without a doubt, is its strongest point: its variety and guarantee. They also provide the best air mattress for cold weather camping too.

Although these were initially designed for domestic use, they are currently the most sold brand in the United States, as far as inflatable mattresses are concerned. In addition, it is very easy to acquire in virtual stores such as Amazon and E-Bay. Its price ranges between 100 and 150 dollars.

With regard to physical characteristics, this brand is extremely compact. A Queen size mattress can weigh between 8 or 10 kilograms and fold up to fit in a cardboard box of approximately 50 centimeters. It comes with instruction manual and product information, and additional, of course, your internal air pumps.

2) Lightspeed Outdoors Air Mattress

Although less popular, but not of lower quality, another brand of air mattress that you can use to camp with a partner, is the Lightspeed Outdoors line. This series of mattresses provide more support and comfort than a sleeping bag and are perfect for travel due to its ease of assembly. In addition, one of the strengths of this brand is its variety of sizes and models.

If the trip involves children, there is a small individual model, but there are also monkeys for adults and a special model for seniors, but, as in this case, if the trip is a couple, this model has the Queen and King. The cheap air mattress for tent camping provides by this brand.

Its internal air valve allows to inflate and deflate it when it is convenient and the air never escapes no matter how much a person feels or lays on top of one. In addition, it is much lighter than standard, weighs only 3 kilos and comes with your bag to pack. In terms of costs, these range between 90 and 200 dollars, depending on the model and size.

3) Coleman Air Mattress

In Latin America and the Caribbean, this mattress brand is, without a doubt, the most popular and commercialized, but what makes it different from the rest? These mattresses are known for the amount of weight they can support, a maximum of 250 kilos. This allows it to be shared by two and up to three people. They also provide the best air mattress cheapest prices because sometimes we can’t afford for high price mattress. We provide best air mattress reviews so you can buy easily.

In terms of durability, these do not disappoint. Coleman is recognized for the quality of its products and air mattresses are no exception. They inflate very quickly and functionally and deflate in the same way. They have a height and thickness suitable for people who have health problems and cannot lean so much.

Like the other two, Coleman offers an annual guarantee for their mattresses, which in turn packages information and instructions in each one of them. Its compactness is very suitable for weekend trips and its lightness allows it to be easily loaded. You can use this brand for best camping air mattress for heavy person because they made quality one.

Another feature that makes Coleman such a commercialized brand is its accessibility of prices. Mattresses, in this case, range between 80 and 150 dollars, depending on their size. Whatever the case, it is important to emphasize that this brand reflects durability and transcendence.

4) Exped Air Mattress For Couples

These are probably the most expensive in terms of air mattresses in the market, but the line is characterized by being deluxe, therefore, each copy of its products is limited and offers an enviable comfort and durability.

In many aspects, these mattresses are innovative, such as size, lightness, and compactness. It is recommended to use it for any activity that includes interiors, however, outdoor is not as popular because they are too thin to support them on the ground. If the couple plans are the very famous “car camp”, then, without doubt, this is the right option.

The products of this Swiss company are a combination of self-inflating luxury foam, simple valves, ergonomics, rugged design, and a carrying case. The weight is approximately 3 kilos and the thickness is 10 to 15 centimeters. The best double high air mattress for camping is another good reason to buy the brand mattress.

This brand differs from the others because its mattresses have a warranty that extends for 5 years. In addition, it may be the most luxurious platform, since its prices fluctuate between $ 150 and $ 400 in online markets such as Amazon and E-Bay.

Top 5 Best Air Mattress for Camping 2020

So, right now you are aware why we need to use air mattress during travel and on adventure sides. Now we are going to give you best-rated air mattress for comping. We give you best air mattress brand which provides you quality one.

1) SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Camping Series Air MattressThis model is specifically designed for durability and outdoor use, such as weekends with your friends. With a twin size, it is perfect for sleeping together. The excellence of this mattress is also the reason why you will never need another. The best affordable air mattress for camping always choose this one.


  • The price: you can buy a quality, comfortable and reliable product between 80 and 105 dollars-minimum prices at Amazon, top price on E-bay.
  • The pump: it is external and designed to facilitate the assembly and unpacking of the mattress. In addition to having a rechargeable battery that can be connected anywhere, even on the road if necessary.
  • Time: It inflates very quickly, in an approximate of 3 minutes it is ready to be used, in a very simple way.
  • The design: The advantage of the Camping series is that it is made of resistant and extra thick material, ideal to support any rocky or sharp material that is usually found in outdoor spaces. Another point in its favor is that it is waterproof and maintains its shape during the night, that is, it does not crush or shrink.
  • Availability: SoundAsleep is recognized for its diversity. Therefore, their models of mattresses and air mattresses are available in any size.
  • The kit: This product includes a transport bag to move it more easily by car or on foot.


  • The pump can be a little noisy.
  • The Queen size can deflate a little the first few times, but then supports the weight with relevance.


This is an impressive air mattress for camping because it gives the feeling that you are resting in a conventional bed. The people who use it will find in it a great find both for interiors and exteriors.

The characteristics or disadvantages with a minimum in comparison to all the qualities that this mattress offers, besides, those “inconveniences”, are characteristic of the air mattresses, which, after all, do not cease to be inflatable. This should not be a decisive factor when deciding to buy it since notoriously its positive points prevail over the negative ones.

It is clear that this company has created a first-class material and its rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon is proof of that.

2) Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person Air Bed Mattress

Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person Air Bed MattressIf you want to have an incredible sleep experience and do not take the thickness of the mattresses as a synonym of quality, this is without a doubt the one you are needing. The strongest feature of this product is its durability, unmatched by others that can be offered in the market. Sometimes we are looking for the air mattress for tent camping so this one is best for it. I also consider this bed mattress for 2 people which easily sleep in it.


  • The price: it is one of the cheapest in the market, it can cost in online pages between 75 and 90 dollars -the minimum price being Amazon and the maximum E-Bay-.
  • The material: it is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, which guarantees durability for its construction and also makes it small and light when packing.
  • Size and weight: it does not reach two kilograms and measures almost 2 meters in length, which is ideal for people who are not necessarily low.
  • Temperature: this air mattress without PVC is more stable to temperature, abrasion resistant and more durable than ordinary PVC beds.
  • Accessories: Comes with a pump that runs on batteries and a large storage bag that allows easy storage.
  • Time: it takes about 3 minutes to inflate and only 10 to deflate and return to its original state.


  • The pump does not include batteries and it can be difficult to get them in the middle of a camp.
  • If you prefer a large and thick mattress, this is not the option you are looking for.

This is a mattress that you need to buy if you want quality and economy. The amount of good reviews it has is impressive, due to the ease of construction and the way it maintains its shape.

The advantage of Lightspeed Outdoors is that its structures are generally firm and tight and the fabric is super soft. In mattresses that are not too thick, padding is very important to avoid getting bruised after using it.

Taking into account its price, this mattress is good enough to go camping or just to spend the night away from home alone or accompanied. All its functions do what they are supposed to do and, although the pump does not come with batteries, this defect is minimal compared to the virtues it offers as a product. It’s worth buying it, trying it out and keeping it as a travel companion.

3) Air Comfort Deep Sleep Inflatable Air Mattress

Air Comfort Deep Sleep Inflatable Air MattressThis allows you to install an extra space in your house to accommodate guests at night and make them feel comfortable. Its suede upper provides airflow and helps keep the sheets in place. Although for its size, it may not be the mattress you want to take to camp, this is not an impediment to acquiring this product of quality and durability.


  • The air pump: it is powerful and electric and can inflate this mattress in 4 minutes. The dial is very simple to use, it only turns depending on the activity you want to perform: inflate or deflate.
  • The price: This Air Comfort product has an affordable price range from 95 to 110 dollars – the first as a reference in Amazon and the second in E-Bay.
  • Durability: it is water resistant and has PVC sides that hold perforations.
  • The dimensions: the mattress is giant and the Queen size is just the most ordered by the users. It can support up to 250 kilos, which makes it a very resistant option. In addition, it offers a suitable height for people who can not bend or lean too much.


  • It can be too big and heavy to transport from one side to the other. However, as mentioned before, this is a recommended product for interior spaces, although outdoors it also works quite well.
  • You can lose some air for the first three days of use but then maintain your firmness and stability.
  • As it is robust, it can be a little hard and not very flexible for some people.

Maybe this is not the lightest option for outdoor mattresses, but it is certainly one that guarantees size and resistance, a very important requirement when choosing inflatable beds. Whatever the utility that you are going to give it, this brand guarantees for a year and if it is not what you expect, it returns the money without any problems. Here is the shoutout for best scopes for 308 which you can use during camping for hunting.

What pleases most about this mattress is that it can be shared and if, in this case, the camp is familiar, you will not need to carry more small mattresses if you can use these. It is a good option if you need to shelter other people with you and use as little space as possible.

4) Alps Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Mattress

Alps Mountaineering Rechargeable Air MattressWhether for a weekend camping trip or spending the night away from home, the reinforced construction of this air mattress provides a smooth, comfortable and even surface and texture. Since 1993, this company is responsible for providing high-quality equipment at very adjustable prices for anyone. The material of this bed guarantees its durability and practicality when using it.


  • Assembly: it is very easy to assemble, inflate and deflate. In less than 1 minute it extends throughout its length and thickness. Just move the lever of the pump to the side you want.
  • The material: Its PVC composition guarantees quality, while the upper part of the mattress, soft and velvety, provides hours of full dreams. In addition, it is waterproof.
  • The pump: it is rechargeable and has a cutting-edge design. A charge of 12 hours can guarantee duration of more than a week, very practical so as not to have to unpack it so many times.
  • The price: the most comfortable and accessible in the market. Its cost ranges between 65 and 120 dollars – the Amazon minimum price and the E-Bay maximum.
  • The size: to travel alone or accompanied, this air bed is available in Twin or Queen size.


  • The pump can be a bit noisy.
  • You can lose air after the second day of use; this is because the pump is discharging at this point.
  • The surface, despite being of very good quality, is sliding.
  • It is necessary to ventilate it before using it since it has volatile organic compounds (VOC), which can be unpleasant for some users and trigger migraines.

Practical and of quality, this mattress is characterized by its compactness and comfort. Maybe it is not the most luxurious and pompous option in the market, but it meets the requirements for a camper, especially one who goes camping with other people.

This model has the trick, lightness and strength characteristic of this brand -ALPS-, but without a doubt what most delights of this mattress is the pump, for its size, performance, and durability. In addition to not working with batteries, this air mattress is the ideal option for those who are not demanding and prefer comfort before design.

5) Coleman Support Rest Air Mattress

Coleman Support Rest Air MattressLife is always moving and it is always necessary to have a good air bed for the times when you must sleep outside the house. From vacations to slumber parties or summer camps, or trips to weekend outings, this model can increase the quality of experience by its characteristics that make it one of the most eligible and favorite of families or campers. You can use it for the best air mattress for cold weather camping easily.


  • The air pump: is located at the foot of the mattress and the cable is very long, in addition to being rechargeable. The power of this allows the mattress to be inflated in 3 minutes and deflated in another 5.
  • Capacity: this mattress has a standard double size, but it is lightweight and can support up to more than 150 kilos on its entire surface.
  • Keeps the air well, does not become a limp or flimsy bed, always maintains its firmness and extension.
  • The system: is designed for internal and external uses. Its airtight model allows durability and comfort at bedtime and is antibacterial, resistant to mold, odor, and humidity.
  • The price: Coleman is the consolidated company that offers a very accessible price: it ranges from 50 to 100 dollars -the minimum price being Amazon and the maximum E-Bay.
  • Practicality: it is easy to move and move and comes with a packing bag for easy storage.


  • You need a bedspread for the surface.
  • It can deflate a bit if the weight exceeds the capacity.
  • The pump can be very noisy at first, but then it works silently. This, more than a problem, is a common feature of air mattresses

This product provides functionality, comfort, and excellence at the time of sleep. It is the ideal mattress if you need something strong and large, especially recommended for people with health problems that cannot bend or bend very frequently.

Coleman has long been a company dedicated to camping products, therefore, its materials and finishes are always resistant and of quality. This is a mattress that will last a lifetime.


So, these are the bes air mattress which you can use for camping. We give our best to explain and explore them so you can the best one for your self. The best full-size air mattress for camping also relate to them.

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