Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredders

Best Heavy Duty Paper ShredderYou have to know the best heavy duty paper shredder to use it in your work and discard documents without interest. With this product, you can get rid of any paper sheet in seconds and leave no trash in the process. Meet the best paper shredders for you to buy immediately in 2020 and persist in your work for life.

Discover everything about paper shredders before you buy them, their functions and characteristics for their daily use. Know a few things about the product and answer questions that you have been asking yourself on the subject. Visit levelbee for more options.

Why we use Heavy Duty Paper Shredder?

The Paper Shredder has a great performance for business life where unimportant documents or minutes are shredded daily. With the shredder, an average company saves more space in the garbage by destroying the papers in its possession than throwing them out completely. Several types of shredding of this product, either linear or crosscut, have a more destroyed document.

Just as you can see, types of heavy-duty shredder machine (heavy duty shredder machine) also differ by their work. You can buy a personal-use paper shredder with a minimal size but low shredding capacity. You can buy the industrial paper shredder, where it will be easier for you to destroy the documents and make them unreadable.

With the paper shredder, you can save your company or job because you will destroy that paper to give you away and punish you. Any type of document that passes through the shredder is illegible; it is not read; it has no meaning or legal weight. The more shredded the document is, then you will free yourself from guilt; you must be careful not to destroy the important ones.

Shredders are simple to operate, and you can shred more than 100 sheets in seconds. Depending on the product you buy, you can remove multiple sheets in one hand, making your job a little easier. Everything destroyed by the shredder will not be used again, so you must be careful with the valuable documents.

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Top 5 Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Reviewed

No job is heavy for these shredders, although you shouldn’t be over-demanding to shred very rough papers. You have to buy a shredder that suits the role you want to give it at work, invest in the best one. It is time for you to know the five best paper shredders, take the preferred one, and enjoy paper destruction benefits:

1) Fellowes Powershred 125Ci

Fellowes Powershred 125Ci 100% Jam Proof 20-Sheet Cross-Cut……

  • Item dimensions – 11.25†W x 21.06†D x 28.94†H | Cut size – 5/32†x 1 ½†| Cut type – Cross-out | Sheet Capacity – 20 | Bin…
  • Shreds staples, credit cards, paper clips, CDs/DVDs or junk mail | Light will indicate when bin is full
  • SilentShred Offers ultra-quiet performance for shared workspaces | SafeSense Automatically stops shredding when hands or paws touch the paper entry
  • The Fellowes 125Ci delivers three levels of advanced jam prevention with the patented 100 percent Jam Proof System | Continuous run time for up to 45…
  • This item’s packaging will indicate what is inside and cannot be hidden

With this shredder, you can eliminate in seconds the confidential documents that you have in your possession while you work or are at home. It is a very light and average product for you to have in your home or office without getting in the way. The FellowesPorwershred 125 Ci is jam-proof and holds over 20 sheets to destroy it in seconds.

Something very good about this product is that it is a child and pet-proof if you decide to have it in your home. It has a seal where your children or dogs will not touch the shredding part and hurt themselves when turning it on. Among this shredder’s functions, you can destroy CDs, plastic TDC, useless emails, clicks, staples, among others.

With SafeSense technology, you can take the shredder home knowing that your children and dog will not cut themselves. This system consists of stopping its operation when it detects the hand near the area to destroy documents. For you to make the right decision, the specifications of the FellowesPowershred 125 Ci are:

  • 5/32 inches long and 1/2 inches wide to insert your documents, plastic credit cards, CDs, junk mail, etc.
  • 9 inches tall and 11.25 inches wide for you to place in any home or office area.

For garbage disposal at FellowesPowershred 125 CI, you can use it for some time because its garbage container is 14 gallons. With this large capacity, you can use the shredder for a long time and dispose of the trash whenever you like. All papers or other destructible objects are cut transversely so that each document will be unrecognizable.

You won’t have a bad time with the heavy-duty crosscut shredder because it is jam-proof. Its operation is optimal, and its engine does not take pauses until it destroys everything you put into it. It has three preventive levels against jams, where the same system will release each obstruction that occurs.

  • Safe Sense technology for the care of your children and pets at home
  • Small size to place it in your home
  • Large garbage deposit
  • Multilevel jam-proof
  • Very short continuous duration to shred your documents

2) HSM SECURIO AF150 L4 Micro-cut Shredder

HSM SECURIO AF150 L4 Micro-cut Shredder with automatic paper……

  • High quality materials and “Made in Germany” quality for security and durability complete with a 3 year warranty
  • Reliable and time-saving shredding of stacks of paper with a powerful motor that allows for continuous operation and solid steel cutting rollers
  • Useful dual function: Manual feed of paper during the autofeed stack processing and nanogrip technology for reliable sheet intake
  • Energy Management Control System EcoSmart: Particularly low power consumption of 0.1 watts in standby mode
  • Multifunction element for intuitive operation with a light barrier for automatic start / stop and automatic return that eliminates paper jams

If you are looking for speed to shred, then, the HSM Securio AF150 L4 is what you need to shred 12 feet of paper per minute. With this office device, you can remove all confidential documents that are given to you without problems. This product is useful for several people because it shreds more than 150 sheets in each pass.

With HSM, you can achieve the destruction of your documents in seconds; it will never stop because of quality. You may underestimate the shredder with a simple design, but you have to see it in action destroying all the blades you put on it.

You will see a very solid steel roller that will not get stuck with all the sheets that you put on it among its composition. You can use the HSM easily with its two power buttons, depending on the speed you need. The engine will never stop until you do; with this function, it is impossible to stall, although you should not demand it for a long time.

Among the specifications you see on the HSM for the office are:

  • Shredder size spans 29.10 inches tall by 15 inches wide for office use.
  • The weight is 42.60 pounds, so it is somewhat heavy to move
  • Its removable tank has a capacity of 9 gallons
  • For the shredding of sheets, you can remove more than 150 automatically and 13 manually.
  • The shredding opening is 9.5 inches long
  • You can destroy with HSM the plastic cards, staples, paper, clicks.

It is a shredder that meets everything you need for your work, ideal for a common area near the office. More than six users can use the shredder due to its speed and level in destruction, where you can place many sheets on it.

  • It has a good opening to place your documents to shred
  • Delete more than 150 sheets automatically
  • The motor has excellent continuous life for shredding
  • May be dangerous to use at home
  • Its weight is very exaggerated

3) Fellowes Powershred 325Ci

Fellowes Powershred 325Ci 100% Jam Proof 22-Sheet Cross-Cut……

  • Shreds 18 sheets of paper per pass into 39 (7/32†Security Level P-2) strip-cut pieces; shreds staples, credit cards, paper clips, CDs/DVDs, and…
  • Dimensions: 29″ H x 11.25″ W x 21.06″ D
  • Runs for up to 45 minutes before a cool down period is needed
  • 100% Jam Proof System eliminates paper jams and powers through tough jobs
  • SafeSense Technology stops shredding when hands touch the paper opening

You may be in awe again with the FellowesPowershred shredders, but this is the 325 Ci version that is more destructive. With this product, there are no limits to destroy, all the documents that you place on it disappear. It is a faithful shredder, anti-jam, and SafeSense safety to protect your children from an accident.

As this version of the shredder is a bit bigger, you have to buy it for your office or work in general. It is multipurpose; it can be used by several employees simultaneously due to its speed to destroy documents. You can put all kinds of materials on the Fellowes without the fear that they will get stuck in your system; that will not happen.

Among the specifications that you can see on the FellowesPowershred 325 Ci are:

  • Its full size is 34.69 inches high by 20.13 inches wide, and it is an office use shredder.
  • The shredder dimensions are 5/32 inches long by 1-1 / 2 inches wide, supporting more than 22 sheets.
  • You can destroy paper, plastic cards, CDs, unnecessary mails, paper clips, and staples.
  • The garbage container is 22 gallons.

Like all Fellowes versions, the shredder cuts are transverse to make it unrecognizable after destroying them. You can take this product with you so that your workers use it daily; it has a 2-year guarantee. Use the shredder without problems, get rid of confidential documents very quickly with minimal effort.

You can feel very good using this quality shredder with high technology anti-jam and damage to your fingers. When the SafeSense sensor detects hands or skin in general, its system stops automatically, preventing a serious accident.

  • Very large garbage container, it will take a long time to fill it
  • Small size for your office or home
  • It has sensors to touch the hands near the shredder, useful to prevent your children from hurting themselves
  • Very long use guarantee, you can report problems in the next 2 years
  • Speed in 3 stages to destroy documents
  • The shredder can be very expensive for some people

4) Fellowes AutoMax 100M Auto Feed Shredder


Fellowes AutoMax 100M Auto Feed Shredder, Black, 26.4″ x 15.4″ x……

  • FlexShred capability shreds up to 100 sheets automatically or 10 sheets manually
  • Micro-cut P-4 security level provides superior protection with shreds 6x smaller than standard cross-cut. Also shreds credit cards, paper clips and…
  • Auto Reverse stops and reverses paper if a jam occurs; Shreds Per Sheet: 1508
  • SilentShred offers ultra-quiet performance for shared workspaces
  • Sleep Mode shuts down the shredder after 2 minutes of inactivity to save energy

Among the heavy-duty shredder reviews, you come across the FellowesAutoMax 100M with unique features. This shredder has the strength, endurance, and power to shred more than 100 sheets quickly when you put it in your shredder. It is a product for personal use, but you should not underestimate its size because it serves to eliminate all unnecessary documents from your life.

Fellowes Auto Max 100M comprises the following specifications:

  • The cuts when shredding are transversal.
  • You can destroy plastic cards, paper, staples, and clicks.
  • SilentShred technology for silent work at home.
  • Has a 6-gallon trash tank
  • You can shred ten sheets manually and 100 automatically
  • You can use it for more than 15 minutes without breaks
  • It is the crosscut shredder with smaller sections to make the document unrecognizable.
  • Its dimensions are 26.38 inches tall by 15.38 inches wide
  • Weights 28 pounds

This shredder is perfect and very useful for you to have at home; an extra feature is that it has SafeSense technology. With this sensor, you can avoid accidents with the shredder, and your child or dog stops with the touch. You can keep a lot of security at home with quality products like FellowesAutomax 100M while you get rid of unwanted documents.

You join the idea of ​​discarding everything bad in work papers, and you are left with the least amount of paper. It will take you a long time to fill the shredder’s tank with such small sections so that it won’t be a hassle. You can delete all documents without thinking that Fellowes will stop for a jam; it has three levels of speed to prevent it from happening.

  • Easy to use, it has 2 buttons in its operation
  • SafeSensetecnology allows the shredder not to be manipulated by your children
  • Shreds more than 100 sheets automatically
  • Anti-jam technology in use
  • Does not have

5) BOXIS 70-Sheet Autofeed Microcut Paper Shredder

Boxis 70-Sheet Autofeed Microcut Paper Shredder…

  • Auto feed microcut shredder is ideal for home or small office.
  • Shreds up to 70 paper documents at speeds up to 11.2 feet per minute for rapid results.
  • 10-Minute auto feed mode continues working even when away from the shredder.
  • Automatic forward and manual reverse modes reduce the risk of jams.
  • A 3.6 gallon waste bin capacity and on casters for easy mobility.

This is a commercial-grade paper shredder with which you can micro-cut confidential documents. You can remove all that business paper that no one can see in small chunks that will make you unrecognizable. The BOXIS 70-Sheet is a very useful mini business shredder if you want to occupy as little space as possible.

Among the specifications of the crusher you can find:

  • Shreds more than 70 sheets automatically and eight manually
  • It is 18.3 inches tall and 12.9 inches wide
  • The shredder opening is 8.90 inches
  • Can destroy 12 feet of documents for every minute of use

This confidential document shredder is the smallest of all but the most reliable to use. You have to buy the BOXIS 70, looking for a maximum linear cutting performance that eliminates documents quickly. You can buy it for your office for personal use or multipurpose for all staff; it works very well.

The constant usage time can take up to 10 minutes to delete all the documents you come across. You must be careful with hard materials so that the shredder does not get stuck in operation. You can destroy paper and some plastic materials like credit cards.

  • It is the smallest shredder for multiple uses in the office
  • Continuous operation with 10 minutes duration
  • Built with the best materials to destroy documents
  • Shred documents to the minimum level making them unrecognizable
  • It is priced quite somewhat compared to higher-tech products
  • Some people have complaints when shredding plastic credit cards

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What To Know Before Buying a Heavy-Duty Paper Shredder

Before buying a heavy-duty office shredder, you should take into account a few things about its operation. It is an important decision that you will make to eliminate documents in your office or home, so you should not take it lightly. You have to invest in a shredder that will allow you to keep it for years and will not jam while you use it.

Among other things that you should take into account when you decide to buy a shredder are:

1) Sheet Capacity

The more blades the shredder resists, the faster your job can be, so you automatically improve your product performance. You should see how the shredder opening is and how much it supports to destroy manually or automatically. Another important thing is that it tolerates the number of sheets to destroy and what is the average time for each centimeter that the documents have.

You can choose the FELLOWEN category among the best shredders, where they hold more than 100 sheets in each of its versions. Another great acquisition is the HSM, where it’s opening of destruction is so big that it supports 150 sheets in automatic cutting.

2) Run Time

Execution time is an important factor if you want to save a lot of time in the document destruction process. You have to choose a shredder that lasts more than 10 minutes, running steadily to shred the documents. With this advantage, you can delete a whole pile of confidential documents in a very short time.

HSM shredders have the longest duration in their continuous destruction spanning more than 20 minutes in the process. You can enjoy this operation to destroy all documents without pauses and thus avoid wasted time at work.

3) Shredding Speed

You have to choose the best commercial paper shredder (best commercial paper shredder) with high shredding speed. Some products have three speeds with which you can make the process a marvel in seconds. The speed in crushing is also good to avoid jamming; it has to be very fast to destroy everything.

You have to compare the shredding speed among the five best document shredder tools and take the most convenient one. With a quick shredding unit, you can use it simultaneously with other workers in a certain company area.

4) Unit Size

If you are looking for a personal shredder, the unit’s size is important; it has to be as small as possible. You have to buy a shredder that does not take up much space in your house to become a nuisance. The BOXIS 70 shredder is the smallest of the top 5 units so that you can buy it for your home.

The size can also be counterproductive to your document shredding experience because the shredding opening can be small. You should buy a unit that is the size you need and meets the wide opening to smoothly shred your documents.

5) Security Level of Shredding

You must buy a shredder with a high-security level and more when you have it in your home. The FELLOWEN series has SafeSense technology with which you can avoid an accident with your children and dogs. This technology consists of a sensor that stops the crushing process when it detects the hand near the opening.

A shredder at home can be dangerous if you have young children, buy the safest one from the FELLOWEN line. You have to think first of your children and then of shredding benefits, avoid accidents with the units.

6) Noise

Purchase a shredder that is soundproof to do shredding work that is not noticed by work personnel. If you destroy confidential documents, you have to do it most silently, and FellowenAutoMax helps you with that. This shredder does not emit any sound in its process so that you do not alert your colleagues or employees with the destruction of documents.

7) Auto-Lubrication

This technology consists in that you have a shredder that does not stick to your work because it is lubricated from time to time. The best shredders have this technology like FELLOWEN, so you should buy them now. With this technology, you will avoid spending money every so often because the shredder got stuck in its gear.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you still have questions about paper shredders’ performance and quality, you should answer them now. You mustn’t have any doubts about the unit to buy to avoid surprises in its use.

What is the best brand of a paper shredder?

Without a doubt, the best brand in shredders for personal or business use is FELLOWEN for having quality in each of its units. You have to invest some money in these units that will prevail in your work or home for many years. The FELLOWEN shredder does not require a lot of maintenance, does not jam easily, and offers high anti-cut technology.

What is the best shredder for home use?

You should buy the BOXIS 70 shredder for its small size and quality for micro-cuts on paper for domestic use. You must keep this unit in an area away from children because it does not have anti-touch technology. If you feel the shredder is unsafe, you can also buy the FellowanAutoMax, which is small in size.

What is the most secure shredder cut?

The micro-cut is the safest so that no traces of your personal or confidential document remain in the company. With the crosscuts, you can recover the destroyed information with time, avoid buying them. If you want maximum security in court, you have to opt for the smallest of all to forget about the destroyed documents.

Can you shred the newspaper in a paper shredder?

Yes, you can shred the newspaper as long as you have a unit withstand the thickness you apply to the shredder. A newspaper typically has more than 20 sheets to shred, although this is an easy task for the great-to-use HSM. You can convert paper to a newspaper in seconds with this unit if your goal is to destroy large documents.

Are Bonsaii shredders any good?

These shredders are very good but have trouble running where you can’t over-push your shredder. Bonsaii shredders tend to lock up, so your job of disposing of documents can be compromised. You have to forget about this unit if you are looking for quality in destruction; choose from the five best shredders according to the characteristics you are looking for.


You have to buy the best shredder for your work or personal use to remove all those confidential documents that cannot be filtered. You have to protect your job or life by using this element that is used to destroy even damaged credit cards. You can convert all those documents that you insert into mini slips; they do the job in seconds.

You have to choose between the five best shredders according to the specifications in size, weight, and quality that you need. The price of each of the elements is varied but does not go out of the range of what is affordable for you to acquire. It would help if you only thought about your work and organization’s performance when destroying documents that you do not need on your table.

You can compare each of the units looking for the most efficient of all and with a state-of-the-art technology that innovates the work. If you want to buy a shredder for the house, use Safe Sense units that detect hands near the shredder. With this technology, you prevent your children or puppies from being hurt by the shredder, do not forget that safety is first.

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