Top 5 Best Sausage Stuffers Reviews 2020

Best Sausage Stuffer is a type of food that results from the combination of condiments, minced meat, spices and herbs that are introduced into lamb or pork casings. The ham, sausage, and sausage are a small sample of what is the sausage, although it seems simple, in fact, its preparation is more complex.

What is the sausage stuffer and why do we use it in the kitchen?

Best Sausage StufferThe markets present these electric sausage stuffer as an alternative to meat or chicken, as these foods are characterized as fast food that does not require much fire in the kitchen. It is a type of food that is ideal to accompany a dish or to fill a toast or bread.

However, the industry has a more practical option with artisan sausage and for this reason, in the market people can buy the Best sausage stuffer so they can prepare it at home. This leads us to justify the reason why it is necessary or convenient to have the best sausage stuffer in the home.

Based on the idea that home-prepared foods are healthier, electric sausages that trade the industry generally contain dyes, stabilizers, chemicals, and preservatives to make the product more durable, and this is obviously harmful to health, something that would not happen if we have a electric sausage stuffer at home.

The ingredients to prepare a manual Sausage Stuffer are easy to find in the market, just enough to have a handful of dressings, salt, meat, and sugar, although some people are more creative and add some extra ingredients. Having a sausage stuffer in the kitchen can add many benefits.

The industry, in general, must pay taxes, invest in food and pay for workers, this makes the prices of these sausages are a bit expensive. But at home, you should not pay other than just for the ingredients, so in theory, have a sausage stuffer in the kitchen, represents an economic saving.

Housewives are usually in charge of shopping, but often they do not have enough time to go out for food and also prepare it. Sometimes filling a bread or toast is more practical than cooking a full breakfast or lunch. If you have a sausage stuffer in your kitchen, you should not worry about going to the store, but always have the presence of sausage in your fridge in case you do not have time to cook.

Hygiene, health and economic savings are the benefits offered by best sausage stuffer in the home. But if you are a food enthusiast and you like creativity, with this tool you can definitely make mixes of flavors and give that special touch to your sausages, adding or experimenting with ingredients to create food with a different flavor.

Due to the multiple advantages it offers, the market is full of a variety of products that fulfill the same function, but with unique characteristics that differentiate one stuffer from another. Here is a list of the best sausage stuffers included electric and manual sausage stuffers.

Top 5 Best Sausage Stuffers 2020 Reviews

Product Name Ratings Latest Price
Hakka Sausage Stuffer 4.9/5
LEM 1606 4.5/5
Hakka 7 Lb/3 Lb 4.0/5
VIVO Sausage Stuffer 4.8/5
LEM Products 5 Pound 4.6/5

1) Hakka Sausage Stuffer and Vertical Sausage Maker (7Lb/3L)

Hakka Sausage Stuffer and Vertical Sausage MakerConsidered as the best sausage stuffer it is a practical and easy to use the machine.

Hakka sausage stuffer is made of stainless steel, so you will not have to worry about its appearance or contact with water. In its design, the cylinder of the presser tilts, allowing the user, a more convincing filling.

This stuffer includes a metal ramp with a valve with which it allows the release of the air to occur outwards and in the upper part of this tool and not where the casing of the sausage is located.

This filler is available in different colors, with orange being the most requested on the market.


This sausage stuffer is endowed with the best characteristics to make your sausages delicious without investing too much money and effort in the attempt. Its handle allows you to rotate it with ease, in addition, it is made of stainless steel, and so you can clean it and not worry that it will be damaged soon.

Its different nozzles allow the user to do all the work without much effort because they adapt easily to the needs of the client. If you want to make artisanal sausages, you should not invest too much money on this machine, because it has a long lifespan and you only need to spend on the ingredients for the preparation. With the Hakka sausage machine Maker Sausage Vertical Stainless Steel, Orange, you can prepare delicious dishes with sausages and always have them in your fridge.


  • It has 4 types of nozzles ½ inch (10 mm), 5/8 (20 mm), ¼ (30 mm) and one of 2/3 (40 mm).
  • Its design is equipped with two types of systems.
  • It has an aluminum handle.
  • It has nuts made of stainless steel.
  • The foot is made of plastic.
  • The product includes a user manual.
  • Capacity for 22 pounds equivalent to 10 liters.


  • All the gear parts of the product that is in contact with the food comply with the hygiene standard SGS.
  • Easy and practical to use.
  • Cleans easily.
  • It is economic.
  • A user manual is included.
  • The sausages in this machine are a pleasant and effortless task.
  • The design and gear allow easy control of the flow of meat.
  • It is available in a variety of colors.
  • It is made of stainless steel, allowing it to last for many years without affecting its operation.
  • It is portable.


  • The printing and illustrations of the user manual are too small.
  • The user manual is not very specific and does not explain efficiently the operation of the machine.
  • the handle is not dismantled.
  • It is difficult to turn the handle.
  • Contact with customer service is poor, so changing or returning the product is difficult.
  • The main piston and the piston rod are not removable.
  • Rust between the threads should be avoided.
  • It requires something that supports and holds the base while the sausage is being made.

2) LEM 1606 Sausage Stuffer

LEM 1606 Susage makersIn the list of best sausage stuffer is LEM 1606 Sausage Stuffer and It is filler made of carbon stainless steel, in which its elegant design of a single perfectly machined gear is of high precision, thus preventing unnecessary wear and sliding.

This sausage machine, does not allow oxidation and therefore the accumulation of germs, for its optimal cleaning, it is necessary to remove the cylinder and this is done quickly and easily. It has a plastic piston with a valve that allows the release of air to make the preparation easier. This machine is high performance and comes with a protective cover gearbox to provide additional security by making the product to extend, even more, its useful life. As an additional piece that is left to the customer’s choice, you can choose a 606th filler tube that is sold separately.


Keeping in mind that spending too many hours in the kitchen preparing food, if you are a housewife and you work, this machine can help you save time and money while taking care of your health.

You can prepare homemade sausages that are cheaper than those offered by the industry, with ingredients to your taste and whenever you want. This manual Sausage Stuffer is easy to clean, so you do not have to worry about cleaning it, it allows you to enjoy sausages, mortadella or ham always in your fridge, so that breakfast only takes a few minutes to prepare and not hours.

The performance of this machine means that you do not have to work too hard, your gear system and its crank do not require too much work, and with the escape of air, your sausages will be ready in just minutes, with the quality of a product on the market. Save time, money and effort with the best Lem Products 5-pound Stainless Steel Vertical sausage making the machine.

It is sponsored by Lem, a recognized brand in the market in the elaboration of high-quality domestic processors that guarantees the efficient operation of each product, so that the home experience is one, easy and does not require much effort.


  • Stainless steel gearbox.
  • Includes a second protective gearbox.
  • Base and cylinder made of stainless steel.
  • Bring two clamps to fix the device to the countertop.
  • The cylinder has a capacity for 5 kg of meat
  • The cylinder is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.
  • The tubes are filled with plastic.


  • One year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Makes the preparation of the sausage more practical.
  • You can operate on your own.
  • Your toilet is easy and fast.
  • It has an elegant design.
  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • It is 5 times faster than other sausage machines.
  • Includes an easy to understand user manual.
  • Its design is durable.
  • Their prices are competitive in the market.


  • The handle with time is usually released.
  • The base is unstable.

3) Hakka 7 Lb/3 L Sausage Stuffer

Hakka 7 Lb/3 L Sausage StufferThe Hakka 7 Sausage Stuffer is one of the most recognized brands in the electric sausage stuffer industry by his character design in which his cylinder is thrown back allowing the filling to be more convincing, this machine works hard and efficiently and for this, it has an air release valve, which is dispersed towards the top and back and thus does not interfere with the housing of the best sausage stuffer.

Its design is advanced and has the necessary technology to operate for many years efficiently and without any problems. One of its great characteristics is the secure locking of the stainless steel meat cylinder, fixing it in place to reduce the movement of the cylinder when it is operating. To achieve smooth operation, the resin gears are hardened and are mounted on a steel rod with double threads. Easily assembled and disassembled for optimal cleaning.


Making sausages at home has never been so fun, this stuffing machine meets all the requirements for your sausages are perfect, without the need to invest too much time and money. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday or prepare a special dish, you can include on the menu, a touch of ham, sausage or sausage made by yourself, with the flavor you prefer and the ingredients of your choice.

With the help of this machine, you can make delicious sandwiches with handmade sausages, and it will only take a few minutes. Save time and money, it will no longer be necessary to go to a shopping center, support the traffic or run the risk that the store is closed or there is not what you are looking for.

Keep your fridge full of sausages and you will not have to worry about the full breakfast thanks to the choice of healthy sausages that you can prepare with Hakka 7 Lb / 3 L SausageStuffer 2 Speed Stainless Steel Vertical 5-7 Lb Sausage Maker.


  • It has a system of two fees for filling.
  • It is easy and quick to use.
  • All parts of the gear that is in direct contact with food, have the standard of hygiene SGS.
  • The machine is made of stainless steel, as are the parts (cylinder, base plate, filling tubes and container).
  • The piston includes an air discharge.
  • Includes 4 nozzles of different diameters, 16 mm, 22 mm, 32 mm and 38 mm.
  • Resin conical gears.
  • Steel bar with double thread.
  • Steel handle.
  • Valve for air release.
  • Chrome plated with polypropylene.
  • Capacity for 7 pounds or 3 liters.


  • It is lightweight and easy to move.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Very efficient air valve.
  • Available at competitive prices in the market.
  • It has a guarantee.
  • It is strong, robust and well assembled.
  • Its two speeds operate smoothly.


  • Leaves a lot of residue in the tube.
  • The base of the unit is not level.
  • The machine wobbles during operations.
  • The screw that holds the handle is too short.

4) VIVO Sausage Stuffer Vertical Stainless Steel 3L/7LB

VIVO Sausage StufferAn incredible electric sausage stuffer that will do all the work for you, is quick and easy to use.

It is perfectly designed so that anyone can use it without any problem, includes a metal base and a completely stable frame, and has an aluminum plunger with a valve for the release of air and a stainless steel cylinder with all the metal gears of the high pair. For optimal cleaning, the pieces are easily assembled and disassembled. The cylinder, in particular, has the characteristic that it tilts back so that the filling is convincing. This stuffing machine comes with 4 different nozzles to complement its efficiency; it also has a metal piston with which the valve can release the air, making it towards the back and above so that it does not interfere in the housing of the sausage, a highly effective tool, fast and easy to use.


The secret of a stuffing machine is in its effectiveness to perform the work for which it was designed. You should not spend long hours in the kitchen, because its great features have allowed it to be a high-end product that meets its task.

Its four nozzles are an unparalleled attribute that allows the work to be more optimal, and the best thing is that you do not have to worry because your sausages are filled with air, because its metal valve system promotes an air leak that does not ruin your sausages.

Enjoy breakfast with quick, easy, and above all healthy homemade sausages with this machine, or taste homemade sandwiches with the best sausage stuffer for snack sticks. You can take it apart and wash it because it’s stainless steel, so that will not be a problem for you.


  • Weighs 14.45 pounds
  • Spout and cylinder made of stainless steel.
  • Stable metal handle and base.
  • Pistons made of durable metal.
  • The cylinder tilts backward.
  • Includes 4 nozzles of different sizes, 10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm.
  • Its parts are easily disassembled and assembled for cleaning.
  • Has a one-year warranty.
  • Capacity for 3 liters.


  • Easy and fast to use
  • It has a good design.
  • Materials of excellent quality and durability.
  • It comes with four nozzles of different sizes.
  • Robust and solid materials.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.
  • The handle is easy to turn.
  • Accessible prices in the market.
  • One year warranty.
  • It is ideal to make snacks


  • Does not bring instructions.
  • It should be recharged frequently because it fills 1 pound of sausage at a time
  • Leave a large amount of product in the tube.
  • Take a little time to recharge.
  • Lacks stability.
  • The rubber feet at the base, usually break.

5) LEM Products 5 Pound Stainless Steel Sausage Stuffer

LEM Products 5 Pound Stainless Steel Sausage StufferLEM sausage stuffer is one of the leading brands in the Stainless Steel Sausage Stuffer industry, it has a base and cylinder made of stainless steel and the rest of the parts of its gear are metallic.

This machine has included three filling tubes and for cleaning, these are disassembled and assembled again, in an easy and fast way. It has a valve that is responsible for releasing the air, pushing it towards the top and back so that it does not interfere with the casing of the sausage. This stuffer has all the technology so that the products are of the best quality.

This brand has developed its machines with materials of excellent quality that operate perfectly and at the same time is easy to use, so that anyone can use it and can make any meat product easy and fast.


The idea of a manual Sausage Stuffer is to be able to prepare at home any meat product with a more personalized touch and with the ingredients of our preference. With the new LEM Products 5 PoundStainless Steel Vertical SausageStuffer, this is possible, and thanks to its incredible technology and mechanical characteristics, making handmade sausages is easy and fast. You should not spend too much time in the kitchen, let alone invest too much money in exquisite dishes when with this powerful machine; you can prepare delicious sausages and pastries that will only take you a few minutes.

Its brand is one of those known in the industry and therefore its products are of excellent quality, this machine, for example, is made of stainless steel and the gear parts are metallic, this allows it to last for much longer, and not be damaged so easily.

It also offers the option of three different tubes, which you can use as you prefer or need. Making sausages has never been so fun and practical as with the new LEM Products 5 Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer that you can buy at comfortable prices.


  • It has a stainless steel base.
  • It has two clamps for its use.
  • The cylinder that is assembled and disassembled for cleaning.
  • Plastic piston.
  • It has a valve for the release of air.
  • It has three additional tubes for filling with a base of 1 9/16.
  • Weighs 9.85 lbs.


  • Easy to use.
  • Its price is competitive in the market.
  • The valve for the release of air works perfectly.
  • Hard and resistant materials.
  • Easily grasped with tweezers.
  • It does not take two people to use it.
  • Includes two large and heavy clamps.
  • The machine remains stable.
  • Its parts are easily disassembled for cleaning.
  • With the crank, you can control the filling speed.


  • The vertical axis backs off the piston.
  • Nylon filler tubes are rough.
  • There are a lot of residues left in the tube.
  • It is not so easy to remove the ring from the gasket to clean it.
  • It is too small for larger processes.
  • Does not have high or low speed.

Type of Sausage Stuffers

Hydraulic Stuffers:

They are fully automated and ideal for industrial or semi-industrial processes. They are fast and easy to use. The process of sausage is continuous and vacuum for large quantities of meat product. They are made of stainless steel.

  • The body: it has a storage cylinder, a horizontal thrust piston, a piston, an electric motor, and a hydraulic pump. The body is easy to load and unload and its maintenance is optimal.
  • Speeds: they depend a lot on the brand, although in general, the hydraulic stuffers have adjustable
  • Ease of use: its size is ideal for its ergonomic use; it comes with wheels for its displacement. Because its speed is adjustable, anyone can use it easily, in addition, it brings funnels of different sizes so that the production of sausages adapt to the demands or needs of the client. Its parts are easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning.
  • Air release valve: most models of hydraulic stuffers have a metering valve.
  • Price: can cost up to 2000 Euros or a little more, although the model, capacity and other characteristics depend.
  • Comments online: many people have shown with satisfaction with the product, starting with stainless steel, the great capacity for it has to embed, its wheels that allow a displacement, the ease offered by disassembling its parts and cleaning them and a large amount of product per hour that can be done on this type of machine.

Manual Stuffers:

They are more commercial due to their size and practicality. The manual Sausage Stuffer is ideal for making handmade sausages on a small scale, they are easy to use and do not require much work. The designs are very varied, some are horizontal, but most of them are vertical and stainless steel generally.

  • The body: its design is made up of a cylinder, a handlebar, a piston, it has stuffers, the capacity varies according to the model and the brand, it is easy to disassemble to clean it, it has an injection tube. The weight generally ranges about 13.5 kg.
  • Speeds: the speeds of manual stuffers depend on the model and brand, but usually have two speeds.
  • Ease of use: manual stuffers are ideal to have in the kitchen, do not occupy much space and do not require much effort to make the meat product. When depositing the mixture in the drawer, it is enough to move the crank and push the piston so that the product comes out through the funnel and the sausage is obtained. It usually requires two people to do this work, although some models of manual stuffers can be done by one person.
  • Air release valve: all the staffers have an air release valve so that it does not interfere with the casing.
  • Price: prices range between $ 100 and $ 200 depending on the model and brand.
  • Comments online: many people praise this product because of the ease and convenience offered to make handmade sausages, they are practical and do not require much effort, it is also easy to clean. Although some others complain about the instability of the base, some failures with the piston or that leave a lot of residue in the tube.

Continuous Vacuum Filler:

This type of filler is ideal for small and medium production meat sausages. Its name refers to the continuity and speed with which the product should be generated on a workday. The sausages in this machine are optimal and of excellent quality.

  • The body: its design is made of stainless steel, has a system of blades to avoid mud, has a 10 HP engine, and has a vacuum pump of 25 m3 / h. It works with a hydraulic system, it consists of a control panel with push buttons, it has three funnels, and its weight is 66 kg.
  • Speeds: the speed is controlled by your hydraulic system.
  • Ease of use: its design is ergonomic, thanks to the speed control with the hydraulic system, it can generate large proportions of sausages per minute, it is comfortable and has the capacity for a small and medium production. Some designs have wheels so their movement is practical, does not require much effort or invest too much to make the product.
  • Air release valve: most models do not have an air release valve.
  • Price: depending on the model and brand, this machine oscillates for 6000 euros.
  • Comments online: positive comments about this product are focused more on the large amount of sausage that produces per minute; some models include a touch screen so it is easier to operate. But negative comments are associated with the size of the equipment, which is compensated by the capacity of your funnel.

Electric Sausage Stuffers

They are the most innovative type of stuffer that exists in the market thanks to their electronic partings that do the work automatically so that the product is of high quality. This machine can be used for commercial and domestic use

  • The body: its design is small and metallic and its cylinder and body are made of stainless steel, it has a highly efficient gear system, an electric motor for its operation and includes 4 funnels of different sizes. Most models have a capacity of 15 liters
  • Speeds: the speed is adjustable and variable.
  • Ease of use: it is perhaps one of the most practical models that exist in the market, for its operation, it is enough to press an electric pedal and it does not require oil. The current it uses is single-phase 230 volts. It only requires depositing the mixture and pressing the pedal to make the sausage.
  • Air release valve: not available.
  • Price: depending on the model, the price ranges from $ 685 euros.
  • Comments online: almost all the people who have tried this product, have not manifested any complaint, their electronic system allows to operate the machine by a pedal so that the effort is even more reduced. The result is of high quality and its cleaning is fast and optimal. It is considered the best electric sausage stuffer

Best Sausage Stuffers For Sandwiches

The market offers a variety of stuffing machines whose objective is to provide artisan sausages. But it is obvious that the design and the brand influence the product, therefore, if we talk about snacks and snacks to share with family or at a party, it is undoubtedly LIVE SausageStuffer Vertical Stainless Steel 3L / 7LB 5-7 PoundMeatFiller ~ by VIVO (STUFR-V003) thanks to its four nozzles with which you can decide the size and thickness of the sausages, and so prepare a special recipe for parties or appetizer, also it will not take you too long and does not require much effort.

Best Sausage Stuffers For Home Use

The kitchen is the place where food is prepared and where most appliances are concentrated, by reasonable logic, each space is valuable and for this reason, if we want a stuffing machine at home, it is necessary that its size is small. In this sense, manual stuffers are the best option, but these are available in different designs and brands. The important thing is to have one that fulfills its functions, be practical and offer a product of excellent quality. A clear example of them is the LemProducts 5 pound Stainless Steel Vertical machine for making sausages or Hakka 7 Lb / 3 L SausageStuffer 2 SpeedStainless Steel Vertical 5-7 Lb SausageMakerby HAKKA BROTHER.

Horizontal Sausages Vs Vertical Sausages:

The market has different models and brands, but one of the most frequent questions is about the position of the stuffers and how it influences the quality of the product. If we judge by the majority, almost all the machines maintain an upright position, the reason?

Practicality, with a vertical filler, it is easier to empty the mixture in the funnel and therefore receive the product, also promotes the release of air through the valve and allows it to hold better on the base, the VIVO SausageStuffer Vertical Stainless Steel 3L / 7LB 5-7 PoundMeatFiller ~ by VIVO (STUFR-V003) is the clear example of a vertical machine of excellent quality. One of the differences between horizontal sausage horizontal vs. vertical that usually take up a lot of space and its mechanism is inefficient, they are also more uncomfortable for the user.

Electric Sausage Makers:

The staffing industry has been evolving and we can now find electric models that promise the user to make the product in a faster and more practical way. In this way, the product further increases its quality and is processed in an optimal way, unlike manual stuffers. Although there are many models and designs one of the best is the Migsa 15 L Electric Stuffer, it has a pedal to operate, it can be speed regulated, it is made of stainless steel and its capacity is 15 liters. Everything you need for an excellent production with the least effort.

Best Meat Grinder And Sausage Stuffing:

There are very versatile stuffing machines, in addition to only producing a sausage, some are also capable of chopping the meat. It is an initiative that favors the consumer allowing you to save time and money in the manufacture of artisan sausage. Although there are many models, brands and designs on the market, if we mention the best meat grinder and the sausage stuffer, definitely the brand Aicok Electric Meat Picadora. Its design is elegant, it has a funnel in the upper part where the pieces of meat are deposited and it is automatically crushed, going down the funnel and exiting through a tube. Best of all, the user should only turn it on and she will do the whole process.


Many people feel an affinity for crafts and more when it comes to food. See a recipe on television, internet or a magazine, arouses the interest of wanting to prepare at home, stuffers emerged with that purpose and for this reason, there are many models brands and designs in the market.

The manual sausage stuffers are special to use in the kitchen, having the fridge full of sausages that we prepare ourselves is a way to evolve, the products would be free of chemicals, dyes, and preservatives that are harmful to health. The manual sasuage stuffer in our kitchen can make the family involved, whether we want to make a grill or a special recipe, all members can participate in the preparation.

This also helps the creativity of people who are fond of cooking, since you can change the essential ingredients and you can play with other types of flavors, whether sweet, salty or spicy, a sausage can be different from the one produced by the industry, only that this is healthier and does not require much effort. A stuffing machine at home is an excellent investment to always have the fridge full and not spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

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