Top 5 Best Water Shoes for Toddlers Reviews 2020

Water sports are of great advantage for children to learn to develop certain skills. Knowing what the best shoes that your young child can use are is essential to make a good investment. The price and quality of a pair of water shoes are essential if you want to create confidence in your children.

You should be aware that the best toddler water shoes are the ones that give you the most versatility. The uses of a pair of water shoes can be to go on vacation or play sports. There are different designs of water shoes, and each one has a different use purpose.

Beyond the brand and the designs, finding adjustable sizes is essential for the shoes to be a success.

What Is Toddler Water Shoes?

best toddler water shoesToddler water shoes are nothing more than lightweight shoes that adapt to the feet. Each shoe has a size and to be ideal for use in water; it must be well supported, preventing them from falling. Soaking in the water implies that your shoes must be made to remain light without changing their weight.

The water usually enters conventional shoes and gives a greater weight preventing the necessary movements in the water. For safety reasons, not all shoes are made for children to enter the water with them. Toddler water shoes are often used primarily for swimming sports and for going to recreational pools.

There are a wide variety of parameters that are critical in finding children’s water shoes. To learn more about the essential characteristics, you must analyze the following parameters:

  • Shoe Material

The materials of the water shoes are generally made in mesh, polyester, or neoprene so that they are not heavy. In addition to the weight, you must take into account that good material makes the shoe durable and does not deteriorate quickly.

  • Type of Water Shoe Design

The design can vary between one brand and another, being your choice, which is the most appropriate for your child to use. Some models are sock types that are made of less durable materials, so they only serve occasionally. There are also designs of sandals for water, which are excellent because most of them are versatile to use.

A fundamental detail of the sandals is that to go to the beach, they are a little limited to protect from the sun. Of course, there are completely closed shoes that have essential materials for use in the water.

  • Waterproofness of the shoe

The best toddler water shoes have to be waterproof to adapt to situations. A shoe that is not capable of drawing water and accumulating it is not suitable for water.

  • Security

Whether you are thinking of putting your child in swimming lessons, the shoes should give her security. First of all, the beaches and oceans are full of sharp and slippery stones that put the foot at risk. Similarly, the foot must be protected from high temperatures and dangerous objects such as glass.

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Top 5 Best Toddler Water Shoes Reviews

During the review, you will be able to see the best toddler water shoes you can get in various sizes. Look in each of the models for the different proposals that exist to meet the needs of your little ones. In general, the best designs for water shoes are the following:

1) Keen Newport H2 Sandal

KEEN Toddler (1-4 Years) Newport H2 Blue Depths/Gargoyle Sandal -……

  • Toddler version does not have the “waterproof†tab on the shoes, but the Children and Youth styles do.

This is a shoe model designed for outdoor sports that features lightness and essential materials for water. The Keen brand has versatile designs that are essential for your child to be safe and fashionable. The sole of the shoe model has good characteristics that rule out the possibility of being hurt by sharp and slippery objects.

When you’re looking for a Newport H2 toddler water sandals design, it’s the best choice of durability. The function of making the shoe adjustable is fulfilled because the heel lace allows for a perfect fit. The comfort of the shoe allows your child to practice her favorite sports or run on the beach for longer hours.

This model is versatile and is available in various sizes and colors to choose the one that is appropriate for your child. The most common sizes are from 4 to 10 years old because you have a lot of variety to choose the appropriate one. Children are privileged with this type of footwear because it has everything they need, not feel that they are footwear.

Do not worry about the sex of your child because it is a shoe made for girls or boys. Its price is worth it because it will last in perfect condition for a long time without showing any deterioration.

The qualities of the shoes focus on the versatility that you will have to go to the beach, swimming pools, or mountain activities. The design is a great quality because it works well with beachwear and summer clothing for picnics.

  • Versatile model
  • Perfect for protecting the feet on the heels
  • Design is durable
  • It is a light water shoe
  • The price can be high according to size
  • It is a model that serves more for the beach than for swimming

If you have a child who feels pressured to wear footwear in the water, the Newport H2 model is excellent. Once the water activities are finished, you can continue using this model because it dries very easily. If you think, big your child can wear this shoe in every outdoor activity with water.

2) Littleplum – Closed Toe Kids Sandals For Outdoor Sports

Kids Sandals Closed-Toe Outdoor Sport Sandals Summer Breath-able……

  • ã€Quick Dry Uppers】Boys sandals quick drying and water friendly uppers featuring breath-able mesh material and colorful overlays with unique design…
  • ã€Well-selected Lining】Toddler sandals for boys hydrophobic soft leather lining treatment for dry fit and ultra comfort
  • ã€TPR Anti-slip Soles】Boys sandals,The light-weight closed toe toddler sandal introduce superior TPR , ultralight, wear resistant and shock…
  • ã€Adjustable Closure】:Girls sandals Sport kid sandals with combination hook-and-loop strap and fixed bungee elastic lacing for adjustable and snug…
  • ã€Multifunctional】: perfect sandals for boys combination of comfort, fashion, safe, durability and lightweight, suitable daily wearing at the…

Its closed-toe design makes it essential to protect the feet in the water, being a beautifully designed model. If you are looking for children’s water shoes with a midpoint between open and closed, these are ideal for your tastes. Its mesh material makes it ideal for breathability and does not place heavy in the water achieving greater movements.

Children love to have the freedom to enjoy water rides. That is why Litterplum meets all the essentials in the water. The price varies with each size, but, it is an affordable brand that you can buy for your family moments. It has quick-drying materials and adapts to other types of vacation or family leisure activities.

As the colors are varied, you can choose between those that best match the child’s swimsuit. The design is focused on preventing microbes from moisture, which provides your child with double protection from water. Anti-slip soles make their use safer when for more peace of mind for parents when children are in the water.

A very good feature is that it has an elastic closure so you can put it on and take it off faster. If you are a mother who cares about your child having a durable brand, you should trust the Litterplum design.

Litterplum is a shoe with many important qualities ranging from safety, quick-drying, and increased confidence of use. The most outstanding qualities are also based on the fact that it is a great price shoe with good material to last. It is a very comfortable shoe with a magic saw so you can adjust your children more quickly.

  • With velcro straps and elastic cord
  • Closed-toe design
  • Greater comfort
  • Affordable prices
  • Made of durable materials
  • With a wide variety of sizes and colors available
  • Ideal for beaches, swimming pools, and other water activities
  • The shoe needs to be perfect to fit perfectly

Litterplum is a great toddler shoe featuring everything you need for use in the water. Its quick-drying generates greater versatility to use outside and in the water. The price of each size varies; however, it is very low in consideration with other similarity models.

3) HOBIBEAR – Boys and girls sandals with closed-toe, flat shoes, summer beach shoes.

HOBIBEAR Boys Girls Outdoor Sandals Closed Toe Flat Shoes Kid

1,142 Reviews

HOBIBEAR Boys Girls Outdoor Sandals Closed Toe Flat Shoes Kid……

  • Soft Genuine Leather & Cushioned Footbed for Comfy and Best Touching Feeling
  • Closed toe Sandals, Protects Little Feet and Deeps Dirt Out
  • Flexible and Slip Resistant Notched Rubber Outsole for a Pleasurable Walking Experience
  • Cute and Fashion, Perfect Toddler Girls Sandals for Dress, Party, Holiday, School Shoes
  • we are professional manufacturer Kids/Toddler/Little Kid Shoes,if you have any problems,comtact us

To give opinions of a great brand of water shoe is to speak of HOBIBEAR for its characteristics. The sole is made of rubber, which guarantees that it is ideal to use in and out of water. This is one of the best kids’ water shoes on the market at an affordable price you can buy.

Its design is unicolor so you can search among classic blacks to match any swimsuit. The toe of the shoe is completely closed to protect the little toes in the water. Your child will enjoy this sandal type footwear by having a comfort design giving confidence and greater tranquility of use.

Don’t worry that your child accumulates a lot of sand on his feet because he is releasing it due to its open design. Each step will be a work of art in the security that it has so that your child does not slip. The variety of sizes makes the price vary a little. However, it is one of the sandals with the greatest affordability.

The HOBIBEAR brand is a specialist in versatile designs for children, so the design characteristics think about their well-being. If you are looking for sports shoes that serve your child to do multiple activities, this is the best in design. Unlike other models, the insole of this shoe is made of original leather to last in extreme situations.

The qualities of the shoe are, first of all, the insole of the shoe that prevents bad odors and makes it breathable. Thanks to its rubber sole, it generates a non-slip shoe for your child to run and jump with confidence. The protected toe design makes it versatile so they can go to other recreational activities out of the water.

  • Good quality material
  • Fits various activities
  • Ideal for water activities
  • Ideal for swimming
  • Versatile design
  • The price is affordable.
  • Available in various size
  • No cons found in this product

HOBIBEAR is a great brand that has the best footwear for your child to do his favorite sports. The entire design of the footwear is of high quality is the perfect footwear for water with small sizes. Your children can play, swim, run, and more with this shoe without noticing the weight of their shoes.

4) ALEADER – Hiking Sandals For Children

ALEADER Kids Youth Sport Water Hiking Sandals (Toddler/Little……

  • Washable pu/polyester webbing upper provides long lasting durability for active kids. P.S Choose half size larger for comfort fit
  • Secure-fit lacing system keeps laces snug and feet in place
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure straps in and removes quickly while also providing a secure fit
  • Metatomical EVA footbed conforms to feet for a comfortable fit
  • Non-marking rubber outsole that’s safe for indoor and outdoor wear.

ALEADER is a children’s beach shoe that you can buy for its excellent design and EVA / BR sole. Its upper material is made of polyester, which is one of the materials used in water shoes. Its washable characteristics give you the security that you will have footwear for your children to use in various water activities.

If you are looking for children’s beach shoes with drawstring adjustments and magic, saw, this one has both design features. Comfortable design adjustments are focused on giving you a midway point between closed shoes and a more open style. Getting to buy the correct size, your child does not have to worry about getting lost in the water during his activities.

The elaboration materials guarantee greater security by having a covered tip to prevent possible damage to the fingers. It does not matter if you want to go on a pool Sunday or beach vacation because this shoe adjusts to various situations. Your child can wash the sand from the shoe with great ease due to the semi-open design to avoid accumulating garbage.

As they are hiking sandals, their weight is light so that the little one has no problem walking or swimming well. Your child may have an early age, but with this model, his feet will give him more freedom. Don’t worry about rocks and other silver objects because this design gives you all the protection you need.

All the qualities of the shoe are focused on its great magic closure and braid design for a better fit. Don’t worry about the weight of your child’s water shoes anymore because this design is great. After a great day at the beach, you can wash these shoes quickly because it dries easily and versatilely.

  • High quality
  • Great design
  • Light and comfortable
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • Fits various water activities
  • It is medium priced making it adjustable
  • May be limited to sports activities such as swimming

ALEADER is a model, especially for the beach, because it adapts to situations of sand and waves. Your child can run freely on the shore of the beaches and even enter the water with it. You can have everything you need for your children in one shoe, adapting to your parents’ needs.

5) Keen Kids’ Seacamp Ii Cnx-C


KEEN Seacamp II CNX Sandal (Toddler), Racing Red/Gargoyle, 4 M US……

  • Washable polyester webbing upper
  • Secure fit lace capture system with hook and loop adjustability over instep
  • Metatomical molded ethylene vinyl acetate footbed
  • PFC free materials

This design is made of synthetic leather, which determines that it is high quality and comfortable product. The sole is made of rubber so that you can use your children with confidence in and out of the water. The strap combination makes it essential for all kinds of water sports in which you want to involve your child.

If you need children’s water shoes, you cannot stop thinking about this design with an adjustable cord. The front part is protected with a rubber material that cares for your little ones’ fingers in silver. This model of keen kids is made so that you can stop limiting yourself by aquatic spaces ideal for your family.

When you make a bigger investment by a recognized brand like keen, you can take into account the durability of the shoe. Seacamp IICNX-C is made for your little one to keep their feet cozy for a long time without damaging their fun. Your child’s feet are kept safe in rivers, beaches, swimming pools, and on-land activities such as trips to parks.

CNX technology gives a better heel posture so that baby does not feel uneven when walking.

It has several designs and quality qualities that are important for your baby to feel comfortable with. It has the technology to prevent your baby from slipping on objects such as rocks present in rivers and beaches. You no longer have to worry about having problems

  • Great design quality
  • It is ideal for all kinds of waters and sports activities
  • Greater fit
  • It has a breathable design
  • Its price is higher than other designs

KEEN Kids’ Seacamp II CNX-C is a high-quality design that you can take advantage of for your child to do multiple activities. This is a design that your child will not want to get off her feet due to its comfort and great comfort.

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What You Need To Know About Every Size Available For Kids Shoes

The sizes are essential when choosing a shoe, and you should consider its size for the right choice. Each brand can vary a little to the extent of one size, but not too much being practically standard. The common sizes in children are defined by age and growth, which are:

Toddler water shoe size 4

It is a size for children with an Inner Length: 12.3 centimeters, although it may vary according to the brand. The brand with the most exact size is the keens so that you can consider it in your water purchases. In case it is too loose for your child, you can adjust with a special sock for water.

 Toddler water shoe size 5

The Length of this shoe is made for measures of less than 13.7 centimeters. The variation may change from one model to another. However, the largest size five brand is from ALEADER.

Toddler water shoe size 6

As he grows, he may consider using sizes that are more accurate for walking. The Length of size six is ​​for children with measurements equal to or less than 9,685 inches. Litterplum is the best brand you can buy for children with sizes six because of its firmness adapts.

Toddler water shoe size 7

They have a measurement of 14.8 centimeters having an age range of three years or a little more. You can consider the HOBIBEAR brand because it is more accurate in those measurements.

Toddler water shoe size 8

Measurements range from 15.7 centimeters or smaller ranges depending on the brand. You can use several brands for swimming on the market being the best Litterplum

Toddler water shoe size 9

In this size, children must have a foot measurement of fewer than 16.5 centimeters. Generally, children will be six years old. The best brand used is HOBIBEAR because it suits more at those ages.

Toddler water shoe size 10

The size is generally 17.4 centimeters, although it may vary slightly according to each brand. This site is designed for children up to 8 years old and is highly sought after. To swim at that age, it is necessary to use a keen brand because it is more adjustable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should young children wear socks with shoes?

It is a matter of presence. You can place socks that are specially designed for water or use only footwear alone. Each parent can have their arguments for wearing the sock or skipping it.

  • Are Keens good for young children?

The Keens brand is one of the best brands of used water shoes because they are great for young children.

  • How do I measure my large size?

You can use a tape measure to measure your child’s size and compare it with the reference of the brand you want.

  • Are water shoes good for babies and children?

The water shoes adapt to babies and children because their design is made to be comfortable.

  • Do Keens stretch out?

The keens brand has no way to stretch, so you should evaluate the size you need for a better fit.


The best swimming shoes for children, for the beach or swimming pools, are those that adapt to it. Every child has their ways of running, walking, and swimming, so the shoe should be as versatile as possible. Ideally, the shoe you choose for your child meets the basic rules of quality and best prices.

There are many good brands like Keens, Aleader, hobibear, and many others on the market. You must study each of the characteristics according to your financial needs and the comfort needs of your child.

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