Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Reviews – Bissell 1650a Vs 1650w

The world today is filled with different vacuum cleaners and pet hair erasers which can leave you a bit confused. If you must choose the right product, it is important that you know the features of each pet hair eraser products. With that in mind, we will be comparing the Bissell pet hair eraser 1650A vs 1650w.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Features

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650AWhen you choose the 1650Apet eraser, you would be choosing a product that comes with the ability to do its work with a very high level of efficiency. Its features include:

  1. CLEANING SYSTEM: each cleaning system is especially fine-tuned to be able to clean all traces of pet hair that may be lying around. This system would do this effectively with no clogging.
  2. INPUT POWER: for the high performance which it gives, the input power is quite moderate. This helps in saving energy
  3. THE FILTER SYSTEM: it comes with a filter system. This system is perfect for gathering all forms of allergens and hair belonging to a pet in any part of the house.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650w Features

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650wThis pet eraser would make you feel that cleaning up all hair belonging to a pet is an effortless task. This is due to the features which come with this product. These features include;

  1. BRUSH ROLL: this pet eraser comes with a brush roll which is tangle-free. So you can be sure that you would not have any issues with hair wrap in the future.
  2. FLEXIBILITY: you would find it easier to move this product around due to its ultra-maneuverable abilities. This would mean work would be done more effectively.
  3. RELEASE WAND: it comes with a release wand that can trap any form of pet hair quickly and with accuracy

Bissell 1650a Vs 1650w Hair Eraser

The main difference is that the 1650A brand traps much of its dirt through its filter system while the 1650W traps most allergen by using its Smart seal system which is made possible by Febreze.


  • It is a good way to make sure that all pet hair is swept off the floor
  • You can be more relaxed due to the fact that you would not have any hair wrapped up on the brush of the pet eraser


  • The product is heavy and can be a bit of a burden ( it weighs 20 pounds)
  • It definitely would not fit if kept under any sort of furniture


  • The tangle-free feature makes the prospect of owning this brush more attractive
  • It has a very powerful suction which would ensure a high performing product


  • It is just too large and bulky.
  • The filter system which is the place would require maintenance and replacement from time to time


These two products offer a good way to get rid of annoying pet hair which may lie all over your house. No matter the product you use, it is sure to serve well. For more product reviews check quickly.

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