FUJIFILM X-T100 Vs X-T20 Digital Cameras Review

Every photographer knows the importance of having a good camera. Having a good is a must due to the fact that a good camera can make a picture come alive and make it so much better than it was. For this reason, we would be comparing two very unique cameras under the Fujifilm brand. These cameras are the Fujifilm X-T100 and the X-T20 camera. Both cameras are unique in their good way. First, we shall be highlighting their various features pertaining to the two different cameras.

FUJIFILM X-T100 Camera

FUJIFILM X-T100 Vs X-T20The X-T100 camera is a must-have for all lovers of the mirrorless digital camera series. These camera comes with a lot of exciting features and is such to be a delight to anyone who uses it. With 24.2 megapixels, it is sure to produce pictures of the highest quality. Some of the features which come with this camera include.

  • BLUETOOTH: if you are in the market for a camera with all the latest Bluetooth technology then the X-T100 camera is the camera you have been searching for. Built with the idea of sharing its marvelous pictures, you can the Bluetooth function in this camera to work perfectly.
  • SENSOR: The camera comes with 24.2 megapixels as was earlier stated. It also comes with an APS-c sensor which would simply increase your picture quality. Combined with the phase detection feature, it promises to be quite an experience for its users.
  • SCREEN AND CONTINOUS SHOOTING: this camera comes with a screen that is able to tilt. This is a feature that would only serve to make the camera more attractive. Users would be pleased to see that they are getting value for their money. This screen would also be in LCD form which promises crystal clear view and better pictures. It also comes with the continuous shooting feature which allows it to take pictures continuously at 6.0 fps which is quite remarkable. You can read more product reviews for buying.

Pros Of X-T100 Camera

  1. It comes in a small size which makes it very comfortable. Users can carry this camera along with them wherever they want effortlessly.
  2. It has a prolonged battery which would allow users to be able to take more photos. It is seen to be able to take about 430 shots in theory. However, it should be able to take more in real life.

Cons Of X-T100 Camera

  1. The interface of the touchscreen is a bit confusing. No one likes to be confused and this can be a bit unsettling
  2. With the touchscreen, it is a bit difficult to operate the autofocus option properly. This is also true with the touch shooting option


FUJIFILM X-T20 ReviewAs the new version of the X-T10 camera, this camera is a huge upgrade from its earlier version. With a megapixel of 24.3 and quality sensors, you can expect to enjoy this camera to the fullest degree. Like any other camera, this camera comes with many features which the potential users would be most interested in. some of its features include;

  • SCREEN RESOLUTION: the screen resolution when using this camera to create a video is 3840 x 2160 which is pretty decent for any camera. Users of these products would realize that the picture and clear and bright as far the right settings are used.
  • SENSOR: this camera comes with a 24.3 megapixel which is accompanied by an APS-C CMOS X-TRANS (3) sensor. This sensor follows the pattern of its predecessor the X-T10 and is sure to satisfy users of this camera immensely. This is due to the fact that this sensor is known for its high performance and you can expect it to produce pictures of the highest quality.
  • SCREEN: if you are thinking of purchasing this camera, one thing you can expect is a touch screen which is LCD in nature. This means in other words that all pictures which you take with this camera will have a touch of class and would be crystal clear.
  • HIGH DEFINITION: all videos and pictures which is taken with this camera would be in high definition and you can expect the video recording to 4k in terms of quality. Continuous shooting would also be available at 14fps. This is simply remarkable and a good reason to get this camera.

Pros Of X-T20 Camera

  1. The continuous shooting focus is simply marvelous to use. It makes using this camera a sensational experience
  2. The fact that it is small makes it easier for most users to carry this camera around without much fuss

Cons Of X-T20 Camera

  1. The buttons which are located at the upper part of the camera are a bit too little and can be uncomfortable to use
  2. Due to its small size, the grp which is there for proper handling of the camera is a bit too small which can be quite tasking to its user


  1. BATTERY LIFE: the battery is essential to a camera due to the fact that it determines how many pictures can be taken. The X-T100 has a battery which can take up to 430 shots when the battery is in use. The X-T20 does not fare better and can only handle 350 shots while using its battery as a source of energy
  2. BLUETOOTH: a major edge which the X-T100 has over the X-T20 is the presence of Bluetooth technology. This is however absent in the X-T20 and that is a telling difference.
  3. WEIGHT: if you are someone who likes a camera which not weigh much, then the X-T20 would be perfect for you. It weighs about 383 grams. The X-T100 weighs heavier coming in at 448 grams.
  4. FOCUS POINTS: the X-T20 beats the X-T100 in the focus points which it has available. It has about 325 which is a huge gap from 91 which is the number of focus points the X-T100 has.


The truth is despite the fact that both cameras have their problems. They are still pretty awesome cameras. If you can handle their issues effectively, then you can expect wonderful things from both cameras.

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