Fujifilm X100T Vs X100F Digital Cameras Reviews

Pictures are what saves the memories which we make throughout our life. Therefore, having a good camera is crucial to having your memories come out in beautiful bright pictures. The Fujifilm X100T and X100F are all must-have cameras currently. However, as excellent as these cameras might be, there are both unique and very different from each other. Before we highlight their differences, it is important to have a clear understanding of the features which they both offer.


Fujifilm X100T camera reviewsThe art of taking a picture is very delicate. Getting the right position and control is simply an art which only experienced photographers can master. This has been due to the latest technology which has made controlling the camera and getting the best possible pictures feasible. Even if you are just a rookie. The Fujifilm X100T however, is different and once again, has allowed its users to be in complete control of their camera while providing a wide range of features which would assist you in getting your pictures and video just right. Some of the features that come with this camera include;

  • THE NEW AND IMPROVED VIEWFINDER: the X100t has a viewfinder which makes the art of controlling your camera manually much easier. The viewfinder does this by providing manual focus while taking a picture. This would ensure that the picture comes out perfectly.
  • CLASSIC CHROME: this product also comes with a full simulation mode when making a film. These modes vary and you can expect to get up to eleven different modes. This would give you a better experience while using this camera
  • HIGH DEFINITION: This product also gives you the ability to video films and movies in full high definition quality. You can choose between 60fps down to 24fps depending on your choice of preference.
  • TECHNICAL ABILITIES: this product has a wide range of technical abilities which involves autofocus. This would include face detection abilities, live view, contrast sensor and so much more. This ensures that you have the help you get when using the X100T.


Fujifilm X100F camera reviewsIf you are looking for a camera which is simply one of the best when it comes compact digital technology, the Fujifilm X100F is the camera you can bet on. This camera comes with many feature and abilities which includes a viewfinder which is hybrid in nature. This makes it very convenient to use. This camera is known for how easy it is to operate which is what most users have been craving for. Some of these features include;

  • BATTERY: the X100F comes with a new battery in the name of np-w126s. This battery is built using lithium. This ensures that the camera has an extended life which would give its users some more time to take pictures.
  • AF MODE: this product also comes with an AF mode. This mode can be used in a single, zone, and wide categories.
  • The camera comes with an eight (8) focus lever way which when combined with the focusing points available which have been lifted up to 91 would make for a clearer brighter picture. This upgrade is a significant improvement from the 49 points in the models prior to this one.

Fujifilm X100T Vs X100F Camera – Main Differences

As stated earlier, no matter how similar two cameras are, there will be sharp differences between the two cameras. Some of the differences include;

  • SENSOR PROCESSOR: the X100F uses 24.3 megapixels and makes uses of the X- processor. This allows the camera is faster than all other previous versions that have been produced. It also boasts of an image processor which is at least thrice as fast as the previous image processor. This is not the same as the X100T which uses 16.3-megapixel lenses and an EXR processor (2). This allows it to take shots which are uncompressed in nature up to 33 megabytes. This is lesser in terms of quality when compared with the X100F. however, both are still pretty awesome cameras
  • AUTOFOCUS: the Fujifilm X100T has about 49 points in terms of autofocus. Out of these 49 points, nine (9) are specifically for the purpose of phases detection. These come in the single mode or the multi-target mode. However, the X100F camera autofocus system is patterned the same way as the X-T2 camera. This is seen in that it allows you to use zone autofocus modes and the tracking mode which is also called the wide mode. In addition to this, the X100F also comes with an eye detection which is sure to enhance the picture quality of the camera.
  • BATTERY: the X100F slightly beats the X100T in the battery life segments as it packs almost the same battery life which can be found in the X-PRO camera series. This is sure to delights users.

Pros of Fujifilm X100F

  1. It packs a battery which can rival the X-PRO series. The users of this camera would have nothing to complain about when it comes to the battery life.
  2. The autofocus mode works really well and fast. This, when combined with the joystick response, gives you a camera which would bring joy to your heart

Cons of Fujifilm X100F

  1. You would not find it easier to put this camera in small spaces such as your pocket. This is due to the fact that it has a large frame sensor.
  2. It does not come with a touchscreen, so you should not expect this when considering if you should purchase this camera.

Pros of Fujifilm X100T

  1. It is small and light in terms of weight. It is perfect to fit in a pocket or around your neck.
  2. The built-in flash works brilliantly and you are sure to be pleased by what it can do

Cons of Fujifilm X100T

  1. It does not have a touchscreen. That can really be a deal breaker
  2. You should not expect a flip or tilt screen when getting this camera.


Both cameras are excellent choices and it really boils down to what you are looking for. However, if you are a fan of cameras which have touchscreens, this camera is not for you. Conclusively, these cameras are excellent in what they do.

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