MSI Vs ASUS Laptops

Find an excellent laptop for many a dilemma, due to the demands of certain customers and the wide offer that many companies present among their products, an incredible variety of laptops for home, professional, or entertainment use.

Due to the fierce competition, on a large number of computers to decide on one, it is necessary to understand that, among all, the MSI and ASUS laptops are the best on the market by far. However, although both industries have long-standing loyal customers, much other potential creates doubts in their minds about which of the two to choose.

Since both have good reasons to decide one over the other, this entails more difficult than it seems. So the initiative is taken to inquire more about the pair of laptops and carefully review each one’s characteristics and the viability involved in deciding on one.

Since the use that we will give to our equipment will be different for each individual, these features that we will see below will tell us which computer is better for this function and which is better for this other.

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MSI Laptops Reviews

The history behind Micro-Star International (MSI, as its acronym indicates), begins long ago in the late 90s.  So we are talking about an industry with years of experience in the market, and that knows how to please its customers and impress prospects with your products and your work.

It is dedicated to manufacturing and manufacturing all kinds of electronic devices, keyboards, computers, and mice. It has long been number one among the laptops of thousands of gamers in the world.

Although its strength is not technology innovation, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands in the market due to its firm line of merchandise.

It was always providing good quality products without disappointing its partners, investors, or consumers, who are grouped into different sectors? Those who want to give them a professional use, and many others who seek MSI for leisure.


It is necessary to understand that gamers are looking for their activity, teams with fast processors, and RAMs with an exaggerated capacity for better performance in their game. So one of MSI’s main characteristics is its incredible eighth and ninth generation processor, giving you better development during its use.

The graphics card, although it varies concerning a specific MSI model, the sharpness and resolution they give are capable of a lot of power.

As for cooling, on laptops, there are always risks, and many prefer to prevent catastrophes in the future. Choosing a computer with high power in its ventilation system and the MSI with about four fans about 11 heat pipes a high-power battery resistance.

Aluminum plates and copper blocks reinforce and make it a machine with unique durability, few seen in this electronic equipment. All the new products have only 4K resolution on the monitor, making you see and enjoy such clear and accurate colors and graphics on screens ranging from 15.5 “to approximately 17.5” inches.

Likewise, the refresh rate, a very important aspect for people, in MSIs, ranges from 50GHz to more or less 250GHz, which makes it one of the fastest machines to play.


The design of its models has an essential touch. Each one has a unique character so that its presence is distinctive, modern, and maintains a compact format and, at the same time, light for greater comfort.

However, although their main consumers are gamers, and generally look for extravagant equipment, the MSIs keep their hardware simple and inconspicuous, making them look attractive at first glance.

Customer support and warranty

Despite the fact the company is fully dedicated to its equipment, it makes them more resistant, to make the best machines. The attention they provide to their customers is not the characteristic of maintaining such loyalty year after year. Your web page for doubts and questions has flaws in its navigation and the format and color of the interface.

Regarding its guarantee, it is undoubtedly an extraordinary aspect, since not all companies offer you technical support and free revision for a whole year. The same happens when you suffer accidents and your computer is damaged since MSI offers you to repair and replace damaged parts for free.


The impressive MSI models, each maintains different features, as the company wants to show its varied designs, although simple, in each of the equipment. As if they wanted to demonstrate the feeling that each model fits the personality of each individual.

Additionally, the Cherry MX switch and Steel Series 3 RGB programmable keyboards, which are recently added additional ideas that seem to be around for a long time, give the laptops a distinction that is sure to appeal to many gamers to purchase.

Value for money

The price range in which MSIs are handled goes from $ 800 with simpler models, to more than $ 5,000 for incredible machines with a unique design and characteristics. Now, these prices are proportionally equal to the components with which the machine comes. Each model has its preferred customers, as they serve one thing better than another, so we can also see MSI laptops between $ 2,500 and $ 4,500.

ASUS Laptops Reviews

Although ASUS, born years after MSI, has proven for years to be a worthy competitor and a notable manufacturer of laptops and all kinds of equipment, hardware, and accessories. Today, we can see its products, mobile phones, tablets, monitors, desktop computers and laptops, and a whole range of varied products, of good quality and with excellence in design, composition, and price.

The most important characteristics of ASUS laptops are observed in their models and in their motherboards, which have a lot of availability, and this makes, for both highly competitive games and more conventional and simple games, their work is the most optimal, a very common requirement that is seen in the rest of the companies.

To compete in the market, especially against MSI, ASUS has been forced to adopt many of its products to gaming characteristics to make its work more optimal during games, making its computers more attractive to players of distinctive franchises.

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To avoid overheating, ASUS manufactures its equipment with a dual-fan cooling system capable of overcoming high temperatures and providing efficiency and durability despite long sessions of use. More complex than it is believed, this whole system manages to cool the laptop’s main components, ensuring the expulsion of all the heat in the machine and the continuous use of it for many hours, even days.

They also highlight the number of robust base plates with incredible solidity that they modify and improve for better performance year after year. Already among customers’ main demands is that the machines have great sound.

ASUS laptops have an audio system, distinctive and little-seen in other products. They have the SonicMaster and the AudioWizard function, which provide quality on sound, and allows you to choose between different audio modes.

Its screens come with IPS Full HD panels, which give a sense of reality to games and, for general use, give clarity and precision in the images. It has an angle of 178º, which guarantees the enjoyment of images and videos, with clarity, from any space in which you are.


If your demands are more about the superficial and about what is seen, ASUS also maintains an important distinction in this regard. The design of its models, attractive and extravagant to look at, proves to be one of the main aspects in which the company specializes.

The keyboards, comfortable to use, the WASD type keys are marked for access during use, whether for work or fun. Its elegant designs also characterize it, but at the same time sporty that give the feeling of luxury and comfort at the same time. The keyboard is backlit. They come in red, which allows you to use the machine in the dark more easily due to its visuals.

Customer support and warranty

ASUS’s technical support has been an important factor to consider, and it is that they do not have very striking services on customer service. Despite having technical support both online and by phone, there are constant complaints they have about one or another customer service. However, not everything is negative. ASUS computers and laptops have a two-year warranty, which gives them a clear advantage since many companies only offer 12 months.


When it comes to innovation, ASUS maintains excellent ideas in its models and has been since the beginning of its history. In incredible how they manage to satisfy their clients’ computing and budgeting needs since it maintains a high status in their products without making them excessively expensive. The company’s work team, experts in their area, have greatly improved productivity since its inception, so they maintain the same levels of demand and show them are their flagship models.

Value for money

When it comes to price, ASUS maintains quality, depending on how much money you have. With a line of first-hand products, both standard level, and premium range products, they are not very demanding about their prices, and everything varies about the use you want to give your equipment and the models that you like the most for it. Most sought after laptops’ price is around $ 3,000 to $ 4,000, very similar prices over MSIs.

MSI vs. ASUS: Which is better?

MSI Vs ASUS LaptopsChoosing between the MSI and the ASUS is not simple, as both companies have even managed to exceed the highest rates of our demands, depending on the function you want to give it and the price you are willing to pay for it. Thus, it is necessary to understand that by 2021 choosing the best laptop will depend on what you want.

For Gaming Players

For those who want laptops for gaming both for leisure and at a more professional level, even reaching international competition levels, the company that best suits you is undoubtedly MSI. Although its designs are simple and ASUS keeps its products quirky to the human eye, its components make it the best choice for the game by far.

The sharpness, the 4K resolution, the color gamut, and the 260GHz frequency, all will give you a better experience in conventional games and others of higher rank, both individually and online multiplayer.

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For Business and Entertainment

If the feature you hope to get from your laptop is warranty, comfort, and quality during the demanding workday during the heavy week, ASUS laptops are the best. It is well known that by 2021 online work and virtual study will increase their rates. The ideal would be to have a machine that gives a better guarantee in its function.


As for Chromebooks, the ASUS is again the best option to buy. Because MSI does not manufacture these types of models and not many companies guarantee that ASUS gives you with their equipment. It is a matter of checking and asking the store where you are going to buy it.


As can be seen, MSI’s clientele is primarily dedicated to gaming. It is by far the quintessential company sponsoring gaming competitions. However, this is not to say that you cannot purchase an MSI model for work or even general home use; but surely, ASUS will give you the best support if this is your choice.

Each company has unique models that make them special and unique. Thanks to the variety of products that both companies have, and the innovations that MSI and ASUS laptops bring us year after year, they are the best on the market. That each one is the best option over another in some function is precisely due to the loyalty of its customers due to the experience they have on the equipment they bought.

Both brands are very good and worthy of being used; it is only a matter of seeing which one is more useful in your daily life, depending on the use you want to give it. Although both are good, each excels at something in particular.


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