Participate And Win a $ 1,000 Scholarship

Digital marketing has become a great opportunity for many, and there are many options for small, medium, and large companies to grow in the market.

That is why studying in this area is an investment that will pay off in the future. Bearing in mind that preparation is important and deserves much appreciation.

For those who love this digital subject, studying marketing can be impossible. However, this is your opportunity to study and prepare professionally.

Now, with this great opportunity, you can win a scholarship of $ 1000. Studying requires many sacrifices, and sometimes all you need is the capital to prepare yourself in the best university institutes.

If you are studying or want to do it in computer science, marketing, communication, or business, then do not miss this opportunity to win this scholarship.

Keep reading this article; learn more about this educational program and the prize to win.

Requirements to Participate

A unique opportunity is being offered for those students with the potential for digital marketing. If you want to participate, you must write a 1000 word article with the title “Digital Marketing and its importance in the world.”

You must develop the following ideas:

  • What are the benefits that Digital Marketing offers to companies?
  • How to get the most out of Digital Marketing

The lucky winner will have a lucrative $ 1,000 prize available to use as an educational resource.

How Do We Choose the Participants?

These are the points that will be taken into account when choosing the material for each participant interested in winning $ 1000 in our scholarship program.

The following participants will be taken into account: students studying their last year in high school and students who are recently enrolled in vocational schools or university centers.

It is important to emphasize that the content they send must be original, of their authorship. If any copied piece is observed, it will not be taken into account.

At the time of receiving each article, it will be read, reviewing each line in detail. That will be considered creativity, the information raised in the article, among other important aspects.

If you meet the requirements, and want to study this career in digital marketing, business, or communication, do not hesitate to participate.

How can I Participate?

The interested party must write a 1000 word article with the title “Digital Marketing and its importance in the world.”

If you have finished writing your article, you can send it to the following email: In the email, you must include the following information:

  • Names, surname, telephone number, and place of residence
  • Name of school
  • Career carried out
  • You must include an identity document that proves that you are a student.

Remember that you must be attentive to the email.

Time Limit

If you wish to participate, you must send your article before May 30, 2021, then on September 15, the winner will be selected, and the award will be sent by mail to your place of residence.

That is a scholarship program to help the Digital Marketing student. It is held once a year. Go ahead and participate. The next winner can be you.

Final Words

The Digital Marketing study is not accessible to everyone due to its high fee. For this reason, we take the initiative to help the most outstanding student with a scholarship of $ 1000 to pay for their studies.

The number of students with the potential for Digital Marketing is surprising. If you want to be the next winner of our contest, we invite you to participate. Do not lose this opportunity.

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