Best Gaming Console For 5 Year Old

Technology is found in everything around us, and we live much better using it. Everything is more comfortable and easier to do thanks to technological advances.

For children, entertainment is almost essential, and that is why nowadays technological devices are adapted to them.

However, just as sports, music, and heavy industry advance, video games also advance. But choosing the best console for children is a complicated task since we have to consider many factors, especially which one is more comfortable for them.

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Best Gaming Console For 5 Year old 2021

Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy‑Con - HAC-001(-01)...
Our Pick
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console...
Microsoft Xbox One S 1Tb Console - White [Discontinued]...
Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy‑Con - HAC-001(-01)...
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console...
Microsoft Xbox One S 1Tb Console - White [Discontinued]...
9,344 Reviews
Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy‑Con - HAC-001(-01)...
Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy‑Con - HAC-001(-01)...
Our Pick
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console...
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console...
9,344 Reviews
Microsoft Xbox One S 1Tb Console - White [Discontinued]...
Microsoft Xbox One S 1Tb Console - White [Discontinued]...

Acquiring a video game console for children implies enormous responsibility because we must bear in mind that you must know how to balance leisure and responsibilities in their childhood stage.

Likewise, we must understand that the comfort and simplicity of use and the functions that it allows will make for a better experience for the little ones.

Next, we will see the five best game consoles for children, their characteristics, specifications, advantages, and disadvantages. Based on them, we will be able to understand which one is indicated.

Top 5 Best Gaming Console For 5 Year Old Reviews

We pick these Gaming Console for 5 Year old kids and we pick them on the basis of reviews, popularity, and area of interest.

1. Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con – HAC-001 (-01)

Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy‑Con - HAC-001(-01)...
  • 3 Play Styles: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode
  • 6.2-inch, multi-touch capacitive touch screen
  • 4.5-9+ Hours of Battery Life *Will vary depending on software usage conditions
  • Connects over Wi-Fi for multiplayer gaming; Up to 8 consoles can be connected for local wireless multiplayer
  • Model number: HAC-001(-01)

When it goes on the market, this equipment is undoubtedly a clear example of all that the world has advanced in science and technology.

The Nintendo Company had been in the shadows for many years. Its latest consoles had not had the momentum that its competition. However, with its Switch console, Nintendo surprised everyone and consumers with its incredible components. For many, the best console for 5-year-old children in the world today, and for a good reason, this video game just came on the market.

It shocked everyone because, without a doubt, it is a unique experience in the game, and the whole family can be delighted, a whole console in one, with a modern, elegant, and user-friendly design and easy-to-learn functions.

Specs And Features:

  • The team style is a modern and innovative console.
  • Its color is Gray – HAC-001 (-01), although it comes in different tones and colors.
  • It has three modes of reproduction: via TV, via the table, or laptop.
  • The screen has a size of 6.2 inches.
  • The screen is multi-touch.
  • The battery lasts for 5 hours.


  • You can connect via WI-FI with eight other players online.
  • Thanks to its reproduction modes, it can be adapted to any space.
  • The durability of the battery allows continuous use.
  • The use is easy, and the functions are very simple.


  • The price is a bit expensive, but many consider it worth it

2. PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console
9,344 Reviews
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console...
  • Heighten your experiences. Enrich your adventures. Let the super charged PS4 Pro lead the way
  • 4K TV Gaming : PS4 Pro outputs gameplay to your 4K TV
  • More HD Power: Turn on Boost Mode to give PS4 games access to the increased power of PS4 Pro
  • HDR Technology : With an HDR TV, compatible PS4 games display an unbelievably vibrant and life like range of colors

Sony and its well-known PlayStation console, this time under the presentation of its model number 4, shows us a team with incredible features and components. This new version is better than others and complete in structure with construction.

It is the best video game console; however, many believe that it would be somewhat difficult for children to use due to all the functions it presents.  This console is, for many, an excellent video game better than many, and that is undoubtedly the envy of many other products on the market.

Its competition today is the Xbox One console and its successor and although many say that Microsoft excelled, to say that Sony and its PS4 Pro are not worthy is a lie. The processor and software are the best quality that has this console.

Specs And Features:

  • Modern video game console with innovation in its components
  • 1TB Pro Edition under the black color, although there are also other colors
  • It is the newest model of Sony, and it is the PS4 Pro
  • PS4 Pro allows video games to be streamed in 4K
  • Has much more HD power
  • It has an incredible HDR technology that, when compatible with the PS4, shows a sharper and more realistic range of colors


  • The price is relatively accessible for its characteristics, so it is surely worth it.
  • Allows the connection of 4 controls at the same time and the possibility of 8 players online.
  • Wide range of games to suit everyone’s taste
  • Not only used to play, but it also provides many family entertainment functions thanks to the applications it allows
  • It comes in different presentations and colors. White, black, and camouflage are the most sought after


  • Can only be used when connected to a monitor, usually a TV
  • If the TV does not support games in 4K HD quality, the experience is not the same

3. Super NES Classic

Super NES Classic...
  • The Super NES Classic Edition system has the original look and feel of the 90s home console, only smaller; Plus, this 1 comes fully loaded with 21...
  • Get your hands on some of the best 2 player games of the era, including Super Mario Kart and Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
  • The Super NES Classic Edition is compatible with the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro accessories; Just plug it in and play
  • From your first ride on Yoshi to the final heart pounding escape from Planet Zebes, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is pure 16 bit retro...
  • My Game Play Demo:This new demo mode will replay your saved Suspend Points as part of the demo game footage instead of using built in demos

Although it is an old console and its name indicates, it is truly “classic,” This video game was not only the first of many. But it also inspired a whole generation of players and even inspired many industries to venture into the world of technology, specifically in the range of consoles.

On the other hand, since it is such an old game, its characteristics do not impact everyone and less to today’s children who are so used to much more advanced and modern technology. The technology is advance, modern and the new generation.

That the classic does not make you think that it will be boring; on the contrary, this console is an adaptation of the original, but it has an improved version. The amount of sales that this model has had in recent months has been pleasantly surprised.

Specs And Features:

  • The platform of the Nintendo company modern version of the original
  • The equipment comes with two controls and in white with some shades of purple.
  • Its appearance is classic and smaller than the original.
  • You have included 21 games available, including the coveted ones: Super Mario Kart and Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting.
  • A whole retro console with games and compatibility with other old equipment
  • There is also the My Game Play demonstration, a new system that will guide and support you in the experience.


  • The price is very low, so it is accessible, and for many, it is worth it.
  • The console gives you a whole retro and classic gaming experience.
  • Being from Nintendo, you have the certainty that it will be an incredible team.
  • The small one, easy to use, handle, and transport.
  • It was so classic that it was designed for the old, so it does not accept WI-FI or online modalities


  • Due to the old console, the graphics do not give you an HD resolution.

4. Sony PlayStation Classic – PlayStation

Sony PlayStation Classic - PlayStation...
  • Playstation classic comes with 20 pre-loaded games including, final Fantasy Vll, jumping Flash, Ridge racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild arms
  • This mini Console is approximately 45% smaller than the original PlayStation
  • Includes two wired controllers, a virtual memory card and an HDMI cable

To compete with the much-acclaimed Nintendo and its famous Super NES video game console, Sony designed a modern console for the time and gave you a complete experience in games and fun. Many grew up with this type of consoles, so much so that a kind of loyalty has emerged for it and every new range of PS equipment comes out, people acquire them to continue the tradition.

Undoubtedly, many will want to see their children have fun with one of these teams, but just like its competition, the Super NES, it is an old model, and it does not give you the feeling of being modern and less current.

That it is a retro console does not make it tedious. Contrary to that, since it is an improved and newer version of the original, its specificities give an equal and even better experience.

Specs And Features:

  • The console comes with 20 preloaded games. Among them are Final Fantasy Vll, Jump Flash, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms, among others
  • The adaptation of this mini console is approximately 45% smaller than the original.
  • The promotion includes two wired controls, a virtual memory card, and an HDMI cable.
  • The controls are wired and with a conventional and comfortable grip.
  • The equipment is white.
  • Retro games and first editions of many, as well as modern editions of others
  • Small and convenient to carry and use, easy to handle


  • The price is much cheaper than any other equipment
  • If you like retro and classic, this console is ideal.
  • Simple functions, easy use, and guaranteed entertainment


  • Although it includes an HDMI cable, it is not certain that it will give you a 4K gaming experience.
  • Does not allow Wi-Fi connection and less online multiplayer mode

5. Microsoft Xbox One S 1Tb Console

Microsoft Xbox One S 1Tb Console - White [Discontinued]...
  • Watch 4K Blue ray movies and stream 4K content on Netflix and Amazon video
  • Experience richer, more luminous colors in games and video with high dynamic range
  • Play over 100 console exclusives and a growing library of Xbox 360 games on Xbox One

After Sony has broken records with its spectacular PlayStation console and has even surpassed the much-acclaimed Nintendo, it became a trend when it hit the market. Everyone was looking for it because of how innovative, good, and easy to use it is.

Microsoft also launched into the video game race and brought out its famous Xbox console. Today, it is undoubtedly the worthy competitor of PS. For much better, for others, the PS will be unsurpassed.

However, even though the components are not so different, the game mode varies. The one that makes the difference in use, internal and external system, connection methods, and degree of installation difficulty.

Specs And Features:

  • The console is the Xbox One S 1Tb last edition of the Xbox console range.
  • Comes in amazing white, but can also be customized
  • Its size is somewhat excessive compared to the rest, although many do not find it a problem.
  • It has 4K quality to play and enjoy with family or alone if you prefer a high definition resolution.
  • Games and videos are in ultra HD quality that gives such a realistic feel to the experience.
  • It surpasses the game range of its two predecessors, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


  • HD 4k quality in playing games and all kinds of videos
  • Provides a complete family experience. The reproduction of movies and series is ideal for enjoying with loved ones.
  • The white color with the black details gives a feeling of elegance and warmth in the room in which it is installed.


  • The size people do not like is large and takes up a lot of space.
  • The modernity of the console does not attract attention.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Gaming Console

Best Gaming Console For 5 Year old

1. Design

One of the things that most attracts people when purchasing a game console is the design with which it was manufactured.

When many like the convenience of being small and easy to install, others believe that the best it is when the equipment possesses notable characteristics regarding its manufacture; especially for those who like to enjoy in the living room with the whole family, prefer a large console and that of confidence in the game.

On the contrary, others think that the design is the least and they like that the equipment provides them with entertainment at the time of use.

2. Lightweight

Another feature that many see before buying a console is its weight. That has a lot to do with the design.

Usually, the larger the size, the greater the weight, which is why many prefer small consoles because they weigh less, which is more secure. Likewise, since the console is aimed at a child audience, less weight is safer for them and parents.

Now, keep in mind that weight does not show how great a console is or not. It is just one more feature that can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

3. Colors

Color is a symbol of elegance. Most video game consoles are determined to fulfill that facet, so the most abundant color is white or black.

However, today there is too wide a range in terms of those colors, there are all kinds and to choose from, all kinds of custom tones, in different camouflages for both the console and the controls, which many people like the most.

The color helps to individualize the console with its owner, and since children are so attached to things, the ideal is for their video game to have a color that they like and that when they see it, they can enjoy it.

4. Specifications

The characteristics are based on buying or not a console: the specifications and its components.

It is not the same, playing with a retro console to a modern one. Nor is it the same to play with an average resolution as with a 4K HD resolution. The specifications give that touch that makes the difference because these may or may not give you a more entertaining and even more boring in-game experience.

That the consoles allow online modes through Wi-Fi connection, which allows the enjoyment of movies and series for a family experience, that is easy to use, all that the components allow and largely influence the final decision.

5. Price

Finally, another feature to consider when buying a console is the price. Not everyone has the same possibilities.

Therefore, those who have to acquire the console of their dreams hope that it meets the specificities and that their experience is unique and exceptional.

Many have been disappointed in their consoles because they were not what they expected or because, of course, they expected more from it,

So before buying a video game console, it is advisable to review its components and its designs and then, after having considered the decision to choose the console that best suits your tastes or, failing that, the taste of your children, who in the end will be the real beneficiaries of video games.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which game console is best for 5-year-olds?

For many reasons, the best video game console for 5-year-old girls is the Nintendo Switch. Its use, simplicity and comfortable, its graphics, its games, and its modalities make it the most modern console on the market, since the ability to reproduce its games from three styles, either on the television, or on the laptop, or perhaps from the table. Without an all-in-one game, not only did you have the classic games in their modern versions, but new games with different possibilities came to light.

The weight is light enough to carry around and have fun from anywhere; likewise, it comes in different colors. Black is the favorite of many gives neutrality, elegance, and even seriousness.

Another facet is that the whole family can have fun playing and having a good time through the TV mode. However, not everything is rosy. One of the disadvantages of the Nintendo Switch is its price, which is unfortunately not accessible to everyone.

  • Is the Nintendo Switch suitable for a five-year-old?

Contrary to what people believe, Nintendo and its consoles are designed to be used by children even as young as four. The engineers are aware that the main consumers are children. They take care of all the safety prototypes and know that children cannot take any risk.

Another point to keep in mind is that due to the experience that Nintendo has in the console industry, every time it invents something new, it hopes to show that everyone is capable of using it, not only because of how easy it is but also because it is comfortable and safe. So the Nintendo Switch does not have any problems, and of course, it will not cause any in the future.

  • Which console is more kid-friendly?

Thanks to the fact that it is easy to use and probably the one with the simplest functions, the Nintendo Switch console is the friendliest for children. Designed with an innovative style that allows three styles of play and adapts to almost everyone’s tastes, this video game is the best for children and the one that best suits them.

Keep in mind that this console is simply an entertainment device and is generally for children or a complete family experience. With its details, parental control, games with ratings for all audiences, it is the ideal console for your children, and although they are not as cheap as many would like, the expense is worth it because we are talking about a team that is first in the sales charts all over the world.

  • At what age should a child have a games console?

This question generates a lot of controversies. Many believe that children must have an average age of 12 years and older to play video game consoles. Others believe that age in the past 15 years. The truth is that there is no single answer, as there are many different points of view. But, the truth is that each time as time goes by, video game consoles will continue to be released, adapted, and adjusted to more specific audiences with more specific tastes.

For this reason, just as studying and learning and working and training have evolved, the way of entertaining ourselves has also evolved. Video game consoles are a great ally for people. The important thing is not to take this taste to extremes and that a balance is always maintained between play and commitment.

  • Can a 5-year-old play Mario Odyssey?

Mario Odyssey has caused many discussions because there are people who believe that this game is not suitable for children, but the truth is that there is nothing to worry about. Like the entire Mario franchise, this Mario Odyssey game only seeks to provide a greater experience than many are used to.

Its graphics, incredible worlds, new adventures, exceptional colors, everything makes the enjoyment so great that even adults can play it and have fun. Mario Odyssey is one of the most modern games today, and this indicates that similar games will be on the way in the future. Still, as already indicated, there is nothing to worry about. It is just another game in the famous and acclaimed franchise of Mario.


So, We come to an end, here we hope you get the best gaming console for your kids. Let us know if you still have any confusion about this.

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