Top 5 Best Action Cameras Under $100 Reviews 2020

For those who enjoy the good quality of a photograph and outdoor time, extreme scenarios and full of adrenaline, action cameras are the perfect tool to immortalize those moments.

Although some of these cameras are not related to the most economical of the market, there is a selection that does. Everything focuses on knowing how to get the best action cameras under $100.

Light, practical and easy to load, these cameras are currently among the most popular. And even if there are qualms about whether it is worth buying or not, the truth is that they are a valuable acquisition, especially for people who need a companion camera for adventures.

To do so, it will be necessary to review a few of its characteristics and establish comparisons among those that are in stock. In this way, customers will realize that they can get a good, valuable and modestly priced artifact.

Benefits of Using Action Camera?

Best Action Cameras Under $100In appearance, there is no factor that differentiates an action model with another digital camera. With both, you can focus, point and capture photographs, the same for digital video cameras.

However, the point of comparison – and the reason why these cameras represent a sales success – is its functionality. These are compact, lightweight and simple to load and handle, plus they handle the action recordings regardless of plane or speed of all.

Starting from another characteristic, the materials that assemble it also constitute a weighty purpose to buy them. Generally, they are manufactured with materials that withstand shock, shaking and high temperatures. The same as they work with equal efficiency in those activities of pure adrenaline.

Independently if a person practices cycling, mountaineering or any sport of risk, the cameras of action count on tools of subjection that fixes them to the weakest and unexpected surfaces. Thus, it decreases the probability of spoiling at a minimum impact.

Ordinary chambers are usually too bulky and susceptible to days of unbridled activities, while the practicality of action cameras is not stopped by rain. Of the quality, there is no denying at all, as most record and capture in 4K quality.

With all of the above, it is clear that sports cameras, or action cameras, are special for adventurous travelers. They are handled almost automatically and, unlike smartphones, do not need to be constantly sustained to work a hundred. Alone or accompanied, all plans will be recorded with the same quality.

The decision is easy, but for some fussy customers, it may be a minor problem. Fortunately, we have selected a list of the best action cameras under $100 2020, with features, functions, and specialties. Thus, it will be much easier to carry out an intelligent choice.

5 Best Action Cameras Under $100 Reviews 2020

Product Name Ratings Latest Price
Davola Action Camera 4.3/5
Campark ACT74 Camera 4.2/5
APEMAN Action Camera
(Editor’s Pick)
SOOCOO C30R Camera 3.8/5
Dragon Touch 4K Camera 4.3/5

1) Action Camera Davola 1080P WiFi Sports Camera

Action Camera Davola 1080P WiFi Sports Camera 12MP Underwater……

  • 1080FHD RECORDING & 170°WIDE-ANGLE: This action camera comes with 170° wide-angle lens, that enables wider and accurate motion capture. You can…
  • 2 RECHARGERABLE HIGH-CAPACITY BATTERIES: With 2 rechargeable batteries, you can get super long recording time, no more worries about missing any…
  • 98 FEET WATERPROOF: Equipped with the solid waterproof case(there’s one coming with the camera), you can record your moment underwater up to 98 feet…
  • WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL: With built-in WiFi, it has never been easier to control the sports camera on your smartphone. Just need to scan the QR code…
  • AFTER SALES SERVICE: Please feel free to email us using the information showed in user manual anytime you have issues with our products. We’ll respond…

For sports activities loaded with action, this camera is unique, and an excellent substitute for old handheld camcorders. Compact, durable, and easy to operate, the attractiveness of this model is undoubtedly its lens, with the ability to take videos in high definition and exceptional images.

The Davola DL101 action camera brings together professional video shots with 4K quality and 30 frames per second. This action is configurable, lightening the memory with quality 2.7 and 60 frames per second, or 60FPS. The resolution, 16 megapixels, was designed by Sony Sensor.

There is no exciting moment that this camera does not capture, regardless of time or distance. In fact, its ability to approach is another quality to praise, given that it reaches a range of 1.0X to 4.0X.

When it comes to outdoor shots, most adventurers have trouble getting their angles and actions in real-time and speed. The control of the Davola camera is achieved immediately with a remote control that works from the wrist. Thus, the client can install the device in any area of ​​his equipment and manage it wirelessly.

About this, the distance that the control can handle is 10 meters. Further, it is impossible to obtain the signal. Another point against the Davola model is precisely related to this section, because the control, unlike the camera, is not waterproof.

However, the possibility of using the camera underwater border on the minimum, so this is not a problem so important as to reduce the quality or popularity of the device.

As far as the connections are concerned, the Davola action camera shares the images with the mobiles and tablets if it is configured for that purpose, through the XDV application. Also, the WiFi signal field is extended by 8 or 9 meters.

A physical characteristic of action cameras is their screens. In the case of Davola, the two-inch allows you to preview recorded images and videos. The quality of the screen is one of the benefits that customers value most from this camera.

The accessories complement necessary for the optimal performance of the camera, are also worthy of admiration. This model includes a waterproof case that can be securely fixed on all surfaces and, of course, submerged underwater without irregularities.

With this underwater camera, the recording time or the number of photos is not a problem either. Bring with you two 1050 mAh rechargeable batteries, a charger, and available accessories. Each of them is compatible with the GoPro brand, a pioneer in the manufacture of sports cameras.

Finally, in minor details, the DL101 model from Davola involves driving functions, image rotation, time, loop recordings, slow motion, dramatic captures, exposure, and, of course, white balance.

There is no place that an adventurer could not take this camera! The best? Figure inside the best action cameras under $100 and is available with free shipping at virtual stores.


  • Before inserting a storage card, it is recommended to format it on a phone or computer. This will guarantee optimal memory performance.
  • In what concerns the additional space, the recommended microSD is 64GB.
  • Before any technical problem or doubt, the client can request a consultation through the official website of Davola.

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2) Campark ACT74 Action Camera 16MP 4K WiFi


ã€2020 Upgrade】Campark 4K 20MP Action Camera EIS External……

  • Upgrade Series of Campark ACT74: This ACT74-Upgrade action camera records video in 4K/30fps and takes photo at 20MP, capture and share your world in a…
  • EIS Anti-shaking Function: Equipped with built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) , this sports camera delivers stable and clear video even in…
  • Remote Control and WIFI: This action cam comes with a wireless 2.4G remote, making it easy to start/stop recording while doing sports. The Wifi and…
  • External Microphone: This upgrade helmet camera supports external microphone (included), which can capture sound from all directions, giving you…
  • Waterproof Camera with Accessories Kits: With the improved waterproof case, this underwater camera can dive below 40 meters (131ft). It also comes…

Continuing with the counting of the best action cameras below the budget, comes Campark ACT74, a specially assembled model for users to fully enjoy their outdoor activities, ideal for hiking, mountaineering, climbing or diving, this action camera handles the particularity of adjusting to the scenarios with their different resolutions.

Starting from its qualities, the Campark ACT74 has a guaranteed quality recording. In fact, like many of its counterparts, it boasts of recordings in 4K. The sequences in this resolution correspond to 30 frames per second and the photographs are captured with a quality of 16 megapixels.

The world is a wonderful place to see and that is precisely what this action camera collects with each of its geniuses. In that sense, users will have at hand a tool with a 2-inch HD screen, attached to a lens of up to 170 degrees, special for the background details.

Such a resolution ratio merits, at least, an adjustable memory. Therefore, the microSD of the Campark must be 32GB and up. Thus, each adventurer can store their photos and videos without limits and directly from their camera.

As the most intrepid scenarios often require the use of all the limbs, the Campark ACT74 is applied to a remote control that works with WiFi and can be activated from the mobile – iOS and Android operating systems. Everything happens in real-time, so the sending of photos and videos instantly allows you to store each moment and also share it in Social Networks.

On the other hand, an essential quality of sports cameras is their impermeability. To which this model is not the exception. The underwater housing can easily reach 30 meters (about 98 feet, approximately) and the entire internal finish is water-resistant, making it the perfect tool for swimmers and surfers.

When it comes to important accessories, the Campark ACT74 has two rechargeable batteries and a carrying case. The time that this camera can record continuously exceeds 160 minutes, reaching up to 180 without worry.

Since the batteries are lithium, the camera does not overheat, and they are rechargeable. Other remarkable features of the product are the timer, a special case that allows you to light it from any surface, and, of course, the compactness that allows you to load it from one place to another just by perceiving it.

Some functions of this camera transcend. For example, just as customers can capture shots in 4K without any error, the resolution can vary from 2.7K, 1080 or 720. High definition, however, does not suffer much from this configuration. It is an effective way to save space without sacrificing too much experience.

On the other hand, this camera includes slow motion and loop functions, which allow slow or fast recording as appropriate. The USB and HDMI inputs arm the wired connection to the outside, allowing to show all the captures and videos on the TV or computer.


  • In favor of saving memory, you can configure the photographs in lower resolution. Although the camera part of the 2 Megapixels, it is better to start capturing from the 8MP to the top, which is 16 megapixels.
  • Charge the battery for 2 or 3 hours to guarantee the 180 minutes of duration (while recording). It is worth mentioning that both batteries add up to 180. Therefore, each battery must be charged at the same time.
  • Use microSD higher than 32GB and format the card before inserting it into the internal memory slot.

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3) APEMAN Action Camera 4K

APEMAN ã€Upgrade】 A87 Action Camera Touch Screen 4K 60FPS 20MP……

  • ã€Ultra HD 4K / 60FPS & 8×Zoom Lens】 APEMAN A87 Action Cam had been updated into 4K/ 60FPS, with this faster frame, offer your motion appear less…
  • ã€Touch Screen and Preset Scenes】 APEMAN A87 action camera integrates two modes: automatic and professional.For example, record in Continuous Loop,…
  • ã€Gyro Stabilization and Distortion Correction】 APEMAN A87 features both electronic stabilization and gyro stabilization which allows for extremely…
  • ã€Integrated Wifi and HDMI Output】 By installing the “Apeman” application on your smartphone or tablet, you can have full control of the camera in…
  • ã€40m Waterproof and Accessory Bag】 APEMAN A87 comes with an improved set of accessories and the waterproof case protects the camera, in water, up…

Summer is coming and many people start looking for a camera to immortalize their moments. In this age of advanced technology and visual revolution, the best action cameras under $100 UK are a valuable investment in the short and long term.

APEMAN, a Chinese company, may not sound within the first options of a buyer when you want to start living the GoPro experience, but on sale websites like Amazon, these cameras gain fame and popularity among the public more and more.

Where does the success of this camera come from, then? You could start with the quality, especially because this model exceeds its predecessors by capturing images with a resolution of 20 megapixels. Regarding the quality of the videos, corresponds to the same: 4K adjustable to 720P.

This model has a 2-inch LCD touch screen and a professional lens that allows perspective shots, wide and surprising for any of its users. All this, added to HD technology, makes APEMAN an authentic acquisition within the market, which is well known to be saturated with options.

Regarding its waterproof character, inside its casing, this camera is 40 meters submersible. Thus, it allows occasional swimmers and divers to obtain images underwater without affecting quality.

The adventures do not seem to have ended with this camera and, to guarantee the image stability in all the important moments, APEMAN removes its star product with an intelligent gyroscope that inhibits the vibrations under the water and makes the video much softer.

The section of connectivity that presents this camera is not bad either. In fact, in conjunction with its other features, it becomes one of the best action cameras below budget.

This is how this camera with a WiFi connection is built, allowing the user to share the greatest moments of his life through networks such as Facebook and Instagram. How to do it? Very easy, you should only download the application OK Cam or FN Cam to the mobile to control the shutter in real-time.

Ordinary inputs include the HDMI, USB and AV cable, to connect to computers, televisions, and projectors. All this is presented in the same camera package. Therefore, it is part of its accessories.

However, these are not the only extras that the action camera brings. With the purchase of this, a professional case is added to store it and an anti-slip case to load it in the hands more firmly.

The recording mode and the quality of photography is an equally necessary subject when reviewing action cameras, maybe the most important one. This camera, supports videos in a loop, driving mode, diving, shots programmed in time intervals.

What does this mean? Nothing less than you can appreciate and record processes of changes, such as a sunrise-sunset, the waves that build the tide and a scene of nature that occurs in a matter of minutes-seconds. There is no corner that cannot be explored with this camera.

As for the duration, this unit is armed with two rechargeable lithium batteries so you can record perfectly for 180 minutes or more.

With regard to the battery arises the first refusal that users comment. According to them, the biggest problem of the APEMAN 4K is that it reheats moderately if it is used continuously.


  • To ensure the full duration of the battery, it is necessary to charge the device for 2-4 hours.
  • Use a microSD card no larger than 64MB. Format it before inserting it into the external memory slot.
  • Make sure not to submerge the camera more than 40 meters. The limit is 30 and going deeper could lead to serious problems in the device.

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4) SOOCOO C30R Waterproof Action Camera

4k WIFI Sports Action Camera, SOOCOO C30R Action Camera……

  • ã€ULTRA SLIM HD VIDEO CAMERA and PICTURE CAPABILITY】- Provides 4K/24FPS, 2K/30FPS, 1080P/60FPS, 1080P/30FPS and 720P/120FPS Video Resolution. 20MP…
  • ã€LONGER BATTERY LIFE】- 2x1350mAh rechargeable batteries, double recording time and double enjoyment. Each 1350mAh battery can record about 90mins…
  • ã€WIRELESS WRIST REMOTE CONTROL SPORTS CAMERA】- Featuring a wrist 2.4G wireless RF Remote Control, you can capture your world in an all-new way….
  • ã€WIFI & APP Control】- Just download our App(SooCoo Zone) on your phone or tablet and connect with your C30R 4K 30FPS Action Camera.(Note:There is…
  • ã€100 Feet Waterproof Sports Recording Camera】- If you are a fan of water sports, this action camera is just what you need. IP68 Certified Rugged…

One of the best features shared by the best action cameras below $100, is the inalterability of its functions. The same applies to outdoor activities such as a GoPro or any other item that exceeds $500.

Starting from there, SOOCOO C30R arrives, a multifunctional and compact special action camera for adventures in and out of the water, such as climbing, surfing, swimming, and diving. There is no scenario that is a breach, and everything is due to its characteristics.

First, and not to be the exception, SOOCOO introduces a camera to the market that records HD 4K and captures images in 20-megapixel resolution. With these qualities, there is no scenario that does not seem wonderful nor the experience that returns as less than extraordinary. One look, the adventure will have been worth it.

Because of its quality of recording an image, the frames do not disappoint. For 4 and 2K, the lens collects 30 fps, while in 1080P quality, it records 60 fps, flanging smoothness and sharpness in the shot.

For those who use an action camera, the recording time or, failing that, the total duration of the battery is a very important quality. Fortunately, this device is armed with two 1350mAh lithium batteries that can last for 90 minutes each. The charging time for both is 2 to 3 hours.

Another tool that makes this camera a hard offer to reject is the presence of its gyroscope, which completely blocks the trembling shot. In this way, an adventurous photographer can record and photograph moving scenes without the worry of blurring or lack of stability.

Thanks to its remote control, this camera is manageable directly from the wrist so the client can capture and record with the push of a button. The wireless tool, like the waterproof character of this camera, far exceeds the composition of other professionals or digital.

However, one of the criticisms of this function is that the remote control can not be used underwater. In fact, it is strongly recommended not to submerge even a couple of centimeters. In case of doing so, there will be no choice but to take it to repair.

Another less profound criticism that users of this camera make is that their instructions come only in English. Maybe for those who are more experienced in the world of photography, understand the operation does not take more than a few minutes or hours, but for novices of pure strain, the process is later due to this eventuality.

In any case, all these small setbacks are absolved thanks to other physical characteristics. For example its two-inch screen and super-wide lens that can reach up to 170 degrees.

Also, this is configured for the fisheye functions and it is possible that thanks to its 6 layers of lens, the photos are captured with greater clarity and clarity.

For those who are diehard fans of water, SOOCOO is a perfect choice, since not only does it submerge, but it does so at a considerable depth. You only need to introduce the device in its protective casing and live the experience fully under the sea.

There are also very important aspects of connectivity. The same works with wireless and WiFi, as it is handled with the mobile or the tablet under the application. This is available for Android and iPhone users; reaching a coverage length of up to 11 meters.

All SOOCOO products include a 12-month guarantee. The C30R model is not and will not be an exception.


  • Use a class 10 microSD card of at least 8GB and not exceeding 128 GB. In this way, the device will not slow down or present failures when recognizing the external card. Also, a requirement for all devices is to format the microSD before inserting it into the device (with a computer, preferably).
  • If the camera stops recording automatically, there are possible causes. The first is configured for this, it may be a memory failure or simply the storage space has expired.
  • Let the camera charge the necessary time. Otherwise, its functions may be damaged.

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5) Dragon Touch 4K EIS Action Camera

Dragon Touch 4K EIS Action Camera 16MP Vision 4 Support External……

  • SUPERB IMAGE STABLIZATION: Built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) delivers spectacularly smooth and steady videos in up to 4K/30fps resolution,…
  • WRIST 2.4G REMOTE CONTROL: Put the remote on your wrist while installing the sports camera on your helmet, convenient to record moments in places you…
  • 100FT UNDERWATER CAMERA: Equipped with the waterproof case, you can deep dive below 30 meters. This underwater camera is ideal for water sports such…
  • 4K ACTION CAMERA WITH ZOOM: Professional 4K/30FPS, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/60FPS video and 16MP photo resolution enables you to capture exciting moment.
  • VERSATILE FEATURES: This action camera features multiple functions including car mode,upside down, time lapse video,time lapse photo, loop recording,…

To finish this count of the best action cameras below $100, this copy seems to be the correct one. It is a compact, elegant, and functional camera that combines everything that the fussiest of users could want.

For a more than acceptable price, customers can buy a product with superior image stability, because this camera works with integrated EIS, so it is possible to record smooth and stable scenes at 4K resolution and 30 frames per second, a typical and wonderful experience that only the action cameras manage to provide.

Another of the qualities with which the Dragon Touch is armed is its wireless nature. The remote control, at the height of the wrist, allows you to install the camera on helmets or any other land surface. Thus, recording extreme moments will not cause problems or unfulfilled challenges. The range of the connection exceeds 10 meters, but it is vital to clarify that the control is not waterproof.

As for one of the most important topics -the immersion in the water-, this camera holds the 30 meters undaunted, with the maximum limit being 40. From there, there is a risk of system failures, even with the casing keeping the structure safe.

In any case, it is still a special option for water sports practitioners, such as swimming, surfing, or diving, among other activities that require immersion.

With regard to the ZOOM, this is closely integrated with the quality of the camera, which, as mentioned above, supports the 4K without problems. For photographs, the maximum resolution is 16 MP, making exciting moments the sharpest at par.

Other peculiarities of this camera are its actions in car mode, reverse, time-lapse, loop recording, slow motion, and burst photos. In addition to the typical white balance that is so useful for outdoor shots.

The battery, like the rest, consists of two rechargeable batteries, whose duration can vary between 60 and 80 minutes each. In this way, a total recording time of 3 hours and a little more is concluded -when recording in 4K, because between less resolution, more battery life.

One of the most frequent criticisms faced by this product is that it overheats very frequently. However, since most sports cameras face similar situations, it has been considered as a minor problem.


  • Use a 16GB microSD onwards, with a 128GB cap. Format before entering the Dragon Touch.
  • Hold firmly, since the manufacturing material is a little slippery.
  • Do not squeeze or hold too hard.

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Best Action Cameras Under $100 – Buyer’s Guide 2020

A good action camera is armed with characteristics in common. Each review, in that particular, can throw the notion that all are exactly the same. However, several aspects differentiate them and serve as help for customers to find guidance when making their orders.

In that sense, what are the qualities that a person should pay attention to before buying an action camera?

High Resolution and Framerate

For a sports camera to be labeled “good†or “excellentâ€, it must be accompanied by unsurpassed quality and sharpness. In that sense, every device that boasts of recording in 4K is optimal and considerable.

However, there are issues of the resolution that must be respected. For example, although it is incredible to have a camera those records in maximum quality, it is advisable to ensure that the devices are adjustable, sometimes, up to 720P.

Why? Naturally, because recording time sometimes merits making sacrifices and one of the most common is to lower it to resolution.

Of the cameras of action also it is important to elucidate with regard to the photograms. For this, the exception is almost non-existent, since most record at 30 frames per second or 60 fps, and that is completely valid.

Action Camera Image Stabilization

Outdoor experiences, or actions, are loaded with pure adrenaline. Therefore, stopping to frame a shot or achieve a completely stable picture is not possible unless one of these devices is used.

Most of the products that were previously mentioned bring this function included. And all of them, if they want to be included in the lists of best action cameras below the budget, they must make do with a good stabilizer.

This tool has the function that everyone imagines: it prevents the photo from being captured with movement as if it were shadows flying through space instead of a person, animal, or object. Ensuring quality is part of the tasks that are assigned to these cameras and, in this regard, should not disappoint.

Voice Control & GPS

An adventurer is in one or many parts at a time. Of course, this depends on how quickly you can move. Therefore, an action camera must include remote control and GPS feature.

With the first, it is possible to control the functions of the device at more or less considerable distances -generally, ten meters-. And the second is due to cases of loss or disorientation. It is always good to know that there is a camera that performs similar functions to the mobile phone – at least in this section.

Important note: although most action cameras include their remote controls, these are never waterproof. For underwater shooting, it is always recommended to use a hand-held tripod and a protective case.

Battery life

The action cameras charge their compactness in the battery. In general terms, the battery life is almost the same for all, although it depends on the quality in which you want to record.

Since the business is crowded with cameras that record in 4K, most share this feature. However, it is strongly recommended to opt for devices that allow configuring the quality at lighter resolutions. The battery, in particular, will appreciate that consideration.

Most of these batteries are rechargeable and come with one or two replacements made in lithium. Under normal conditions, a sports camera must support 90 minutes of continuous recording. If the spare battery is added, this will correspond to 3 hours of recording.

To capture photographs, everything is dosed. It is possible that an action camera if used only for sealing and not recording, takes a couple of days to be completely consumed. Everything is relative and, as far as this is concerned, it is best to find a good device that overheats the minimum.

Weather Resistance

Naturally, action cameras must comply with practically mandatory requirements. Resistance to different climatic weather states is one of them.

The first thing to look for is a waterproof device. Most of them are, and even, they are accompanied by their own housing among their accessories.

Some support a submersion of 10, 20, or 30 meters. Deciding on the basis of this will depend on the purposes for which it is acquired – although if the economic difference falls within the budget range, preferably it is done with the one that tolerates greater depth.

It is also important to investigate that the shell of the chamber is cleared of some metallic material. In situations of risk or spaces too intrepid, a camera capable of holding on to anything and enduring cold and heat equally is a blessing.

Video Quality

The highlight of a good camera was, is and will continue to be the recording quality and the stability of the image during each shot. In this aspect, the sports cameras manage to gather quite positive characteristics that convince even the fussiest customer of their worth.

Now, what is the camera that should be purchased?

The world is a place full of color and textures and, through the tiny screens of the action cameras, it is easy to capture it if you have a useful tool.

Those cameras that record in 4K and 30 frames per second are the favorite for many. If that is added an affordable price, everything closes in the way of a genuinely profitable business.

However, the camera recording in 4K should not become a straitjacket. There are other equal models of optima in operation and price whose quality is 1080P or 720P. What matters here is that you can record in “high quality†and capture images with good resolution. Why, if not, buy an action camera?

Action camera vs. DSLR or SLR: Which is better?

Until about ten years ago, getting a professional camera involved, obligatorily, buying a DSLR or SLR. They were the ones that abounded in the market and all the famous brands -Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, and Pentax- worked with classic machines, with the traditional mirror.

However, the market has been expanding to cameras without a mirror, precisely the category to which the action models belong. Each one has its particularities, advantages, and disadvantages that are worth the comparison before making a decision.

Panasonic was the pioneer of the mirrorless cameras that little by little the sports cameras derived. These compact, lighter, and with incredible video quality, add to the list of benefits the exchange of the objectives without all the complexity of the mirrors inside. In this way, they become as small as the palm of the hand.

Many professional photographers say that the greatest sacrifice of the cameras without a mirror is the loss of the optical viewfinders that the DSLR brings incorporated, being able to observe the result in digital screens.

However, factors such as price, action cameras clearly lead, especially those of the Sony company, which offers a complete frame and spectacular features by the third that could cost a copy of another more sophisticated brand.

The more the market falls, the greater the supply and, therefore, the competition is responsible for designing cheaper and cheaper cameras of modest, acceptable, and optimal quality. This is where the best action cameras come in under $100.

To the question of the price the weight is added, another factor that plays in favor of the cameras of action. Given the volume of reflex cameras, the dimensions are larger. Meanwhile, the mirrorless type has the ability to capture light from the sensor, saving a few centimeters to its assembly.

There is a point in this fight where the DSLR cameras definitely win: the battery. They hold more because they have larger bodies, and their batteries, depending on their size. In addition, with this type of device, it is not necessary to have the screen on to take a picture, which happens with sports cameras.

However, the real boom of some over others is the quality of video and image. While reflex cameras are still trying to record in superior quality to HD and Full HD, the action cameras record without problems 4K videos, at 60 frames per second.

This is common in almost all devices with no mirrors, and although the Canon reflex model already supports 4K recording, there is a long trajectory to cover. One in which action cameras have already colonized terrain and continue to take advantage of it.

Naturally, choosing between one and another depends on the functions to be assigned. It is a purely intrinsic decision that must be adapted to the needs of each photographer.

In the case of those engaged in photographic work of excellence, the DSLR or DSLR will always be the favorite, while for outdoor work and risk scenarios, a chamber of action does justice to its name.

4k Action Cameras Under $200

If the budget is a little broader, there are cameras in the market that are just as functional as, in design and quality; they may have more appreciable characteristics. The interface, burst shooting speed, and other questions as brave as practical.

One of these cameras is the GoPro, a pioneer in terms of action models. It is a digital, compact model and specifications associated with this design and configuration. This has the advantage of recording in 1080P, although photographs of 10 megapixels may not be enough for the most demanding customers.

However, there are more options, such as the YI 4K, light, and elegant model that increases the bet of the megapixels for the photos and the quality and stability of the image for the videos.

It is a specialized device for sports activities, which records 30 to 60 frames per second and extends just under $100, perfectly entering the range of these cameras.

Finally, it destroys the AKASO V50 Elite in the action camera business. A modern tool that allows you to record videos in 4K without flinching and capture photographs with a resolution of 20 megapixels.

This camera, like the previous one, has the capacity to record between 30 and 60 frames per second. Submersible, resistant, and compact, it is the epitome of what a photographer dedicated to sports or nature images could wish for, for a moderate price and unquestionable quality.


UpdateBetween tastes and colors, there is nothing written and, fortunately for some and unfortunately for others, sports cameras do not escape from the vastness of the market. In fact, they are incorporating new versions and better as the years go by.

What happens in this area is that a camera with similar characteristics, which looks so much like its business colleagues, should make the client feel comfortable. Regardless of brand, price, or dimensions, it is about finding a travel companion that responds as it should and immortalizes the best moments.

An action camera, or sports, is designed for it. Some more sophisticated than others, better finishes and greater functionality, it is true, but all with common function: to fulfill its purpose.

What makes the recognition of economic cameras, below the budget, is that there are ways to achieve quality by a more than acceptable amount, resulting in greater supply and satisfying demand from all levels.

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