The use of drones has slowly gained importance in the world we live in today. Whether it had to do with hobbyists of aircraft or photographers whose goal is to produce the most breathtaking pictures which normally they would not have taken. For such persons, the need to have a good drone is a must. Today, we shall be comparing two drones which would be a good fit for this purpose. There are the DJI Phantom 1 and the DJI Phantom 2.

DJI PHANTOM 1 Drone Features

DJI PHANTOM 1 Drone reviewsThe DJI Phantom 1 is a quadcopter which purpose is to serve as a camera for aerial purposes. Aircraft hobbyist will find this drone very useful since it would aid them greatly in the recording their flight details.  Users of this drone or helicopter would also be able to get access to the radio which is of 5.8 GHz quality.  This product comes with unique features which makes it effective for the job which it seeks to do. Some of its features include;

  1. THE RADIO: this drone comes with a 5.8 GHz radio which provides its additional features. These features would be responsible for making sure that your Wi-Fi which is inbuilt in this drone can be turned on while your drone is on the air.
  2. FLIGHT SPEED: the DJI Phantom 1 has the ability to achieve 33ft/s when in top speed. It also the ability to climb or descend at a top speed of 20ft/s. this, when combined with a radio transmitter which has a wide range of about 2500 or more, makes this drone a fantastic asset to have at your disposal.
  3. FLIGHT CONTROL: when it comes to flight control, this drone uses the flight control pattern of the Nasa-M V2. It does this by using GPS for all its navigation purposes and to ensure that it is stable at all times.
  4. FAILSAFE MODE: this drone has the capacity to retrace its steps back to you in case of a failure in any way to any of its main features.

DJI PHANTOM 2 Drone Features

DJI PHANTOM 2 Drone reviewsIf you enjoyed the way the earlier models of the phantom drones were made, then you would absolutely love the DJI Phantom 2. This is due to the fact this drone has twice the flight speed times and twice of everything which is available. This when combined with a battery which has better performance rates with a life expectancy of about 25 minutes, you can expect to get the best out of this products. Some other features include;

  1. STABILITY: the stability of the camera is ensured by the Zenmuse H3-3D feature whose duty is to make sure that all video recording and stability are done in a smooth and effective way.
  2. MODES: this drone has at least two modes of flight. These are the attitude flight mode and the GPS mode of flight.
  3. BATTERY: its battery gives you the charge to fly your drone for about 25 minutes once it is fully charged.


  1. VIDEO DOWNLINK: the video link option is only available on the phantom 2 while the phantom 1 has no such option.
  2. COMMUNICATION DISTANCE: the phantom 1 has the ability to communicate at a distance of about 800 meters while the phantom 2 can communicate over a distance of about 1000 meters through its remote control.
  3. BATTERY CAPABILITY: the phantom 1 battery gives it the ability to have 15 minutes of flight time when on the air. This is however different from the Phantom 2 which gives the drone the ability to stay on a flight for an estimated 25 minutes.
  4. APP: while the phantom 2 does not really come with an app, the Phantom 1 comes with the DJI FC40. This app, when used in conjunction with the drone, would make a better performance.

Pros Of DJI PHANTOM 1 Drone

  1. The flight speed of the phantom 1 is simply incredible. It is also very easy to maneuver. This would ensure that you achieve all that you earn for successfully.
  2. It allows you to take aerial pictures at very high heights with minimal fuss. This means in other words that it does its job effectively.

Cons Of DJI PHANTOM 1 Drone

  1. The battery is poor and would do with some upgrading. It would not allow you enough time to stay on the air to take the amount of picture you want without a recharge needed
  2. The steps which are needed to set the drone up and calibrate is simply too confusing and tasking. This is a drawback of using this product

Pros Of DJI PHANTOM 2 Drone

  1. The battery power of the phantom 2 is simply incredible. Users are able to enjoy far more time on the air taking all the pictures they want to
  2. It is very lightweight. This means in other words that this drone is very easy to carry about. It can easily be kept in a bag or a backpack.

Cons Of DJI PHANTOM 2 Drone

  1. It is not friendly to beginners. The steps needed to set this product up and used effectively can be quite complex for newbies. Unless you are a really fast learner, this drone is not for you
  2. It is seen to be a tad too expensive. That is one thing which you would have to consider if you wish to purchase this product.


After much comparison, the phantom 2 is really the more advanced product of the two and if you are looking to get the most advanced technology, this is the product to go with. However, these two products are both really good despite the fact that they are not the flagship products of their brand. If you do decide to purchase any of them, you can be sure that you would be getting real value for your money.

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